Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rob a Bank…In Style


So yes, my favorite movie of last year, 500 Days of Summer got totally screwed at the Oscars, but that’s OK, it’s still awesome and no gold statues (or lack thereof) can change that. This video is pretty old, as it came out with the movie, but I just discovered it and it’s being posted for your viewing pleasure if you missed it as well.

It’s a short film directed by 500 Days‘ Marc Webb (now directing the Spider-Man reboot), and it features Zooey and JGL dancing around and robbing a bank. I feel like this probably started out as some sort of dream sequence in the film, but they just decided to make it it’s own thing. Or maybe it’s a subliminal ad for like Wells Fargo or something, I can’t be sure.

In any case, if you liked the movie, you can probably appreciate this, so watch away.

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  1. Yeah, that was me. But if I remember correctly it was Madisons artice. Back then he just saw the movie because Paul told his so.
    (lol, I spent to much time around here ^^)

  2. That’s a pretty impressive flip that JGL does. I had to rewind it a couple of times to see if it was really him doing it. It doesn’t look like it ever cuts to a different angle so I think it is.

  3. I have not seen 500 Days Of Summer, this video is pretty cool none the less.

    Zoey Deschanel is incredibly sexy. Maybe sexy isn’t the right word. But damn, her eyes do it for me.

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