You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me Community

That’s a wrap folks, the contest for most in-depth TV joke ever has been won by the unquestionable victor, Community. Talk about Arrested Development’s sly references all you want, but to my knowledge they never pulled anything like this.

For the uninitiated or poor of memory, the first still is from a moment on the show where Abed explains a recent epic journey that landed him on the set of Cougartown. It seemed like just a funny joke at the time until you realized that Abed ACTUALLY WAS ON COUGARTOWN, which should additionally be noted is on NBC’s rival network ABC.

The full breakdown is best watched in video forms, and both the Community and Cougartown scenes can be seen below:

Abed explains his visit:


Abed’s actual visit.


Just, wow.

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  1. Busy Philipps has a kinda skanky-slutty hottness to her. Where you kinda have a feeling she’d be down for whatever in the bedroom.

    Or is that just my impression of her?

  2. That’s awesome. Community is one of my favorite comedy’s ever. How can you go from such a monolog to “I pooped my pants”

    Btw. Has anyone seen “My Dinner with Andre”? Is it any good?

  3. i was surprised to see abed for a half second in the final season of the west wing, if that turns out to be part of a five year epic plan my mind will be blown

  4. Wow. The fact that he’s in character as Abed, being a very poor extra, and actually pooping his pants, makes it even more awesome.

    Although the “I pooped my pants.” line is maybe the least funny line ever on Community. Really, guys? That’s supposed to be funny? No. That part is groan-worthy.

  5. In the season finale of community, the 2 characters in the scene that abed was in on cougartown were in the crowd after the paintball victory. There’s been some articles about how the creators of each show love one another’s work, so that’s why they did it. It’s pretty awesome. And they didn’t tell the execs at NBC and ABC because they knew they wouldn’t allow it.

  6. @Bandit — Busy Phillips guests on an ep of How I met Your Mother where the main character Ted is trying for a threesome with her and the chick that played Whinny on The Wonder Years (very hot too). Thought that releated to what you said.

    @Alex — The show was good, we ALL love it. But get over it there can be other creatively funny things on TV.

  7. Seinfeld did something similar. Kramer moved to Hollywood and said he had gotten a job as Murphy Brown’s assistant. Then at the end of a Murphy Brown episode he was quickly introduced and fired as her assistant.

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