You Know, It’s Just Not Quite as Scary

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Pyramid Head remains as one of the most terrifying enemies in any video game ever, but what happens when you change his signature shape? The result isn’t quite as menacing.

Artist DarkNekOgami, who turned up some very weird stuff when I Googled his name, is behind the redesign. Pardon my¬†ignorance, but I think I’m missing a joke as to why he’s lugging around a giant piano instead of his massive sword. I’m sure someone will be happy to explain it to me.

You know they’re making another movie right? The original Silent Hill stands in my mind as one of the only halfway movies in existence, and also has the even more rare honor of being a movie where Sean Bean appears, but does not die. Ridiculous, I know.

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  1. I am a super huge fan of the games (aside from the American made ones) and I have to say that I didn’t like the movie at all.

    The hodge podge mixing of elements from all the games with no rhyme or reason, and the overall plot just sucked to me. I didn’t give a crap about any of the characters and it basically came off as a badly written, fan-made movie with a big budget. The Silent Hill games rarely ever outright scared me or made me jump…it got under my skin, tickled my spine, had me staying up all night contemplating the themes and symbolism. If anything, they depressed me (in a good way, is that weird?). The movie was just another crappy gorefest lacking any sense of depth.

    If I want to watch a “Silent Hill movie” I’ll just pop in Jacob’s Ladder.

  2. Here we go, my first comment ever on Unreality!

    Dodecaphony refers to the 12-tone system of music in which all tones are used more or less equally. It avoids being in any specific key (and sounds pretty bad, in my opinion). So the artist here maybe wasn’t making so much a joke as a very clever musical reference.

    The number 12 and music often go together anyways, as there are 12 tones in the standard and most popular musical scales.

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