You Better Let Him Kick That Damn Football

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Meet Charlie Brawl, the result of a child tormented by self-loathing and insecurity, who finally said and enough was  enough and hit the gym for five hours a day for ten years to grow into the behemoth you see before you.

This is a piece from DeviantArtist MgnZ, who just wanted to imagine Charlie Brown as a character in a fight game, and the move showcased on screen is him unleashing his rabid beagle Snoopy on his enemies.

Sadly, this appears to be the only one in the series, but I would LOVE to see more. Lucy? Linus? Patty? Pigpen? What would they look like if they got all Street Fighter-ized?

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  1. I dont know what they’d look like, but I have a feeling about special moves:

    Lucy – Extreme Bitchiness/Psychologically mind effing the shit out of her opponents
    Linus – Blanket used as garrote wire
    Patty – The Camel Toe Camel Clutch
    Pigpen – A giant dissorienting dirt cloud or a giant dust bunny shot at his opponents like a hadouken.

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