Yet Another Pokemon Revelation That Will Blow Your Mind

Well god damn it internet, you just can’t let me have my fun nostalgic memories can you? First you tell me that I killed Gary Oak’s Raticate, and he’s really the good guy of the story, and now this new revelation? Sigh.

I did prefer that theory better, but this one is pretty damn good as well. There is a disturbing lack of adult males in the world of Pokemon who aren’t members of organized crime syndicates or the military. If you wanted to take it one step further, you could say that the great war being talked about here was a nuclear one, and it made all the wildlife in the country mutate into a elemental powered creatures with the ability to speak their own name.

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  1. If you take just a few minutes to think about the logistics of the game, you can really see some bleek things. There are very few actual roads in the game, so most people just travel by foot, and most towns are just a few buildings. It’s also a bit weird that all those bad guys just don’t pull out a gun and shoot you. Your just a little kid. What the heck? Just punch him in the face!

  2. It’s really a shame Nintendo doesn’t do more with Pokemon lore… I really would like to see a full fledged console RPG. Or a more expanded handheld RPG. Stop adding bullshit Pokemon and start expanding on the story!

  3. Allegedly in a newer version they modeled the main town after New York City post 9/11. There’s even a desolate ground (which they explain through some crazy meteor bullshit) and the legendary Pokemon in the game is listed as being 9 feet 11 inches.


  4. @ Parker Jammstein
    Except he’s actually 9 ft 10 and some of that analysis is grasping at straws. From the map I saw, the desolate grounds are a lot larger than the base of two towers

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