Year One Trailer Is Like Arrested Development Meets The Passion of the Christ


…and when you throw together two hilarious comedies like those, the results are spectacular.  I was interested in seeing Year One already, but knowing that David Cross is involved means I’m not going to miss it.  Cera and Black should compliment each other well, too: Cera’s awkward, self-conscious yet mildly confident schtick goes perfect with Black’s boisterous, physical style of humor.

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  1. David Cross has a tendency to get involved in things that aren’t that great, then bitch about them later like they weren’t his fault, which kind of irritates me. Don’t get me wrong – when he’s good, he’s great. But when he’s lame, the whole project tends to suck, plus he whines about it.

    On the other hand that trailer does look pretty good. I’m getting kind of a ‘modern History of the World Part 1’ vibe.

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