Wolverine vs. T-Rex

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What happens when Wolverine defeats any enemy he can possible come across in our time? Why jet set back to the prehistoric era and take on the most fearsome predator of all, the T-Rex.

From artist Njoo comes not only the beginning of this epic battle for predator supremacy, but also the end. Yes, there is another picture in this series showing the aftermath of the skirmish which you can check out below.

I don’t want to hear about the T-Rex not being to scale.

Who did you think would win? Sheeeeit.

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  1. I had that exact thought the first time I saw this picture yesterday. That is more like a Mapusaurus, which is supposed to be much, much bigger than the T-Rex. Obviously, that is not really the point. Of course Wolverine would win. I’m thinking Wolverine would let himself get eaten whole and cut his way out.

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