Winning at Mario Party by Doing Nothing


Friends of mine will know my severe distaste for all the Mario Party games, which I find to be exercises in stupidity and blind luck, and the worst kind of childish games.

Well, to further prove my point, there’s this video, which has a player (Luigi) doing absolutely nothing and winning a variety of Mario Party 2 minigames against the computers. Granted they’re set to easy, meaning my solar powered calculator has 10x the brainpower they do, but still, ridiculous.

Check it out above, and tell my why there’s an arbitrary star for whoever landed on the most red space. Idiocy.

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  1. As you said, it’s set on easy. The only people who play mario party on easy are 5 year olds. I guess you haven’t played it much when you call the games based on luck. Sure there are a few lame minigames, but must of them involve skill, not luck. My little brother said the same thing as you, but that’s because he lost all the time…

  2. I think you’re a bit harsh on this series. It’s not Risk but when you gather up a few people who know how to play it’s pretty fun.

    Sometimes we need a bit of luck to level the playing field.

  3. Honestly I don’t even believe that it was set on easy.
    I’ve played this game about ten thousand times over the course of my lifetime (sad that I’m not even exagerrating) and as dumb as computers can be, even on easy they never die that fast.
    It looks like they actually had 3 other real live players that were suiciding to make it look like dumb computers.

    I call shenanigans! 😛

  4. I love the Mario Party games. If you have a serious hate going for those games, you take them way too seriously. What you need to do next time the oportunity arises to play a Mario Party game is get you and two friends to join you and then make the Princess as the only computer player. Whether you are Male or Female you will, at some point in that game, start to say the most malicious, chauvanistic things about the Princess. I would play this game with two of my Female roommates (mainly cuz it was the one of the only games they played) and after a few drinks they would be cursing out the Princess (and worse, much, much worse) more than me. Main reason we would do this? The Princess is a fucking cheater. That’s just my two cents, man.

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