Win Free Games in Unreality’s First Ever Reader Contest

Hi there loyal readers, how are you? I’m great, thanks for asking. So anyway, I’m coming to you today to announce Unreality’s first ever reader giveaway contest.

The image above represents the prize selection. You, yes you, have the chance to win ANY of the above games of your choice and have it shipped to your house for free.

There’s Halo Reach, which I’m currently spending far too many hours a day playing. Starcraft 2, perhaps the greatest strategy game of our time, and the focus of many an article here. Dead Rising 2, the just-released zombie-slaying adventure, and Metroid: Other M, a legit attempt by Nintendo at making a game for actual gamers. And I couldn’t leave out Pokemon, and you can either get Black or White when they finally come out in the spring. Yes, if you win, and the DS is your system of choice, I promise to send you a copy once the game is released.

I believe I’ve covered every system with this selection here, PC, 360, PS3, Wii and DS, though I suppose if you really want Dead Rising 2 for 360 instead, that can be arranged.

So, how do you win? I promise it’s easy, read on for more.

Our little site here has grown a lot in the two years since its inception . That’s thanks to readers like you who have made Unreality a daily visit because you dig our stuff and even if you don’t share our interests exactly, you enjoy yelling at us when we disagree. Well, it’s in that spirit that we’re asking you to help us out, and expand the site even further.

We need you to like us. Specifically, we need your friends to like us. On Facebook. Yup. Everyone on earth is on Facebook more than pretty much any other site on the planet, so the expansion of our Unreality Facebook page is a big deal for us. If you’re not a fan yourself, you should be, as don’t worry, we don’t spam. We merely post one of our better articles a day to remind you to pay us a visit, and then usually a random status question we pose to the lot of you.

So what we need from you is that if you think Unreality rocks, invite your friends to like us on Facebook. It’s easy, as demonstrated by the picture below.

Hit that, then select which friends you want to invite, and send away.

We’d love for you to send it to all your friends, but we understand if you don’t want to send an invite to your third grade teacher or ex-girlfriend you’re not speaking to, so here’s how it’s going to work.

For every 20 people you invite, you get one entry into the contest. So for those of you reading the site instead of paying attention in math class, if you say, invited 400 people to like the site, you would have a 20x better chance of winning the prize than someone who just invited 20. And I will give you a bonus entry for every friend you have specifically message me and say they like the site. Just make sure they say that you sent them.

How are we going to do this? Well, you invite however many people you can (if you don’t have that many FB friends of your own, ask to do it on a friend’s profile if they don’t mind), and then email me at with how many people you invited, along with a name I can identify you by when I put your number of entries into the drawing. Yes, we’re using the honor system here, as I’m not going to make you guys take screenshots of you inviting people, but we would hope you wouldn’t BS us. Just send us the number and unless it’s something super insane, we’ll believe you’re being straight with us, and you’ll get however many entries into the contest you’ve earned.

We’d love to give away a ton of prizes, but like everything we do here on the site, this is out of pocket, so we can only give away two games to randomly selected winners. If you’re chosen in let’s say, two weeks, when this contest ends, I’ll let you know by email, and you can give us an address to ship to. Unfortunately, due to budgetary constraints, we can only ship inside the US, but international readers, feel free to invite people to be nice? Heh.

Anyway, we’re just trying to build awareness of the site, and if you guys would help us out, we’d be grateful, and will get you a little something for you troubles. It’s only a few clicks after all (OK, it’s a bunch of clicks cause they don’t have a “send to all” button, but still not that hard). Thanks again for reading! Let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. Correction, almost everyone on earth has facebook, I deleted mine and will never return to it πŸ˜›
    Good luck to everyone else who enters the contest!

  2. Just a few clicks… but really, too much work. I hate it when people spam me with farmville or god knows what else, so I refuse to do it to them.

    I will on the other hand actually talk to people and tell them about the website.

  3. What about those of us who love your website, and would love to enter the contest, but in no way, shape, or form want anything to do with Facebook, and therefore have no Facebook account. You should offer something similar to a “no purchase necessary” entry to your loyal readers who can not enter any other way. Like I said, I’d love that, as I have no Facebook account and don’t plan on it, yet I still love your site, read it daily, and would love a chance at a cool prize.

  4. Hmm alright, how about this?

    If you don’t have Facebook (people don’t have Facebook? impressive), for being a loyal reader you can still put your name in the hat by sending me an e-mail with your name (don’t do it here, I can keep track better in e-mail).

    It’ll only be one entry, and someone who actually invites people will be more likely to win (because we really need this part of the contest to happen), but you’ll at least have a chance. If you feel like telling some friends about the site the old fashioned way, that would be excellent as well.

  5. I already did this months ago… And at least three of my friends (good friends. i’m not that kind of “hey-i’ve-seen-you-once-be-my-friend”-guy) like this site too. Not because I told them to on facebook, but because I always show them a good link/pic/whatever when they visit me.
    The only games I can enter for are Halo and StarCraft. I already have the second and i never liked Halo, so bad luck for you :p

  6. I too avoid facebook like … well I have nothing witty. I just dont like it and want no part of it. I do IM article urls daily to friends. The site and content is a great change of pace from work. Anyhoo please send my free video game to … wait this is going to sound dumb but whats your email sir?

  7. Sheeeeiiiiiit. (Yes I finally saw the Wire….about 2 1/2 years after it ended)

    I too am without facebook because when my roommate explained it to me it just sounded like a group of personalized message boards with people youknow/kindofknow/wishyoudidntknow/arerelatedto. So rather than get caught up in the “Why dont you friend me?” nonsense I hear every day from everyone around me, I chose to pass.

    That being said, I’ll happily send out an E-mail and i dont know if it helps, but I also sent out e-mails to 4-5 different friends who now read this site…..somewhat regularly.

  8. had an facebook account a while ago but didnt like the site at all (farmville stuff etc) and here in germany we have a similiar site where i have all my family and friends, so im not in the need of getting my facebook account back.

    Im a little sad for not having a good chance at wining but i still will send people here to read some of the very good article ( as i always did since i know the site)

    keep up the good work

  9. Also, besides not having a facebook account, the only video game I play is singstar. So I think a cool price would be to guest-write something. That would be meta. πŸ˜€

  10. Hey Paul, since I’m not living in the US, can I participate for a digital copy of StarCraft 2 or Dead Rising 2?

    I think that would be pretty fair, since they cost the same.

  11. I was really exited to be part of this contest until I read the “only for people in the US can participate”… Being from Mexico is not good… We have people gun shooting each other everyday and we can’t win prizes in the internet =(

    I really love this site, it is one of my “never close this window” sites on my IPhone

    Good luck with the contest

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