This is Our Future?

I’m sorry Smith family but come on man.   There has to be a point where people say “that’s enough” and I’m pretty sure I’ve reached that point.  I get that Will and Jada are actors and I have no problems with them encouraging their children to act.

But come on.  This is more like a circus show at this point.   The issue is that kids all across America are going to start copying this stuff and as a citizen of the U.S.A. I’m a little more than frightened that kids this age are dressing this way.

Clean it up guys.

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  1. “as a citizen of the U.S.A. I’m a little more than frightened that kids this age are dressing this way.”

    You’re showing your age, dude. Worring about them kids wearing wierd stuff.

    Hell, when I was growing up, my friends and I dressed (kinda) like this: and I remember our elderly neighbours saying the same ting!

  2. People can dress exactly how they want. Especially children. I see nothing wrong with how these two are dressed. What are you asking them to clean up? Are you asking them to become a brick in the wall?
    The issue that other kids will copy this is a problem that lies with all those kids and how eager they are to jump on trends than exercise their own creativity.
    You’re frightened? Hide under your covers.
    Pull that stick out, grandpa.

  3. lol @ X couldnt have put it better myself so what if they’re dressing outrageously? better that than wear something fucking boring. who gives a fuck what they wear, why does it matter?

  4. You people are idiots! Social conventions exist for a reason.

    They keep you grounded and in touch with reality. There is such a thing as TOO MUCH freedom.

    Particularly at a developmental age, when it can seriously warp your world view.

    If these kids grow up to be socially deranged, with a massive sense of entitlement and Charlie Sheen ego’s then this picture will stand as testament to why!

  5. Natty B has a point. It’s not the way the kids are dressing, but the position they are in. These kids have parents who have a huge amount of money and influence and at the same time are being treated liked adults when they are only kids.

    I’m not so tied down to social conventions (especially when it is mentioned by somebody named MurderBot lol ), but I do agree with MB that this could easily be the start of either one of them going down the Charlie Sheen route.

  6. Kev, if you dressed like that as a kid, I can only assume you’re a Saturday night drag queen at this point.

    While I am all supportive of kids having some creative freedom with what they wear, this is retarded. Would you rather have a kid that grows up to become a superficial douche sack like the fags in Jersey Shore, or would you rather have them grow up to be a person with realistic expectations of life and value knowledge more than looks?
    Disney is also breeding small d-bags, with all their shows about kids in the “show biz”, like Shake It Up, Jonas, Hannah Montana etc. and you will notice that not a single member of the cast in those shows dresses in a way that is not just meant to attract attention.

    Remember kids, less is more and it’s not about fashion, it’s about swagger.
    Meditate on my words, next time before you put those rainbow colored Nike dunks and tastelessly patterned hoodie…you know, the kinds every teenager has.

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