“Will You Just Go Already? I Have a Planet to Blow Up”

You know, I’ve seen the “AT-AT as a pet” gag a dozen times now, and it doesn’t seem to ever get any less funny. Now it’s even better when Darth Vader is the one holding the leash.

Side note, would you buy a mechanical pet if they were more advanced than the crappy robot dogs that exist now? Like if it pretty much was as functional as a regular cat or dog, but it didn’t need to eat food or poop on your carpet because it was a robot? I think I might. LazyPet. I should trademark that.

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  1. How is this news? You publish an article that attacks Kotaku … and then you post this garbage?

    Also, have enough ads on here? It kinda detracts from the ‘news’ you post.

    Stay classy!

  2. We are not a news site, and if you actually read what I wrote in the article, that would have been covered. We are two guys with a fun website, Kotaku is a full staffed gaming news blog with a parent company capable of pouring tons of cash into it. We should not have equivalent content.

  3. So they aren’t allowed to have fun with their articles, post fan art and write a line about it because their blog is supposed to be one-hundred percent professional?

    And, you made mention that you do the same thing with your pictures you post, however it’s ok for you to do it because your site isn’t Kotaku.

    But since we are taking content into account now, it would be fair to say that everyone should take everything you write about with a grain of salt, correct? Or should we love this site because enjoying Kotaku is too mainstream?

  4. If I remember correctly, the photographer did a whole series in this fashion. It might be nice if you would credit the original artist so we can find more of his work. And because, you know, it’s the RIGHT thing to do!

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