Wii Graphics So Bad They “Can’t Even Handle Resident Evil 5’s Title Screen”


Graaar! Look at…my…texture mapping!

As excited as I was to shake zombies off myself with an unmistakeably masturbatory motion in RE5 for the Wii, it looks like that dream will never be realized.

In a recent interview with Resident Evil 5‘s producer, Masachika Kawata, he buried rumors of a Wii port when he said that due to the graphical advancements of 5 over 4, “the title screen of this couldn’t have been done on PS2 or Wii.”

Oh snap Wii! Kawata just said you had PS2 graphics. What are you gonna do about that? Oh, just stand there, batting your eyelashes, looking adorable? Figures.

This news sucks because Resident Evil 4 was one of the few games for the Wii that I would categorize as “an actual video game” and with more titles like Wii Resort and Wii Music on the horizon, it looks like my sad little Nintendo system will be collecting dust a little while longer.

And just as reminder, only the Wii could possibly make killing zombies look cute and campy (after the jump):


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