Why You Should Consider Getting IPVanish

One of the biggest challenges that anyone who browses, shops or conducts business online is internet security and privacy when they’re online. Hackers and cyber crime is at an all-time high and the criminals are becoming more sophisticated. It’s not safe to get online unless you are well-protected against cyber attacks. Viruses and tracking software are constant threats, so what is the best solution to this ongoing problem? IPVanish VPN offers the solution for powerful defense of your data. There are quite a few good reasons why you should consider using IPVanish.

What is IP Vanish?

IP Vanish VPN is a virtual private network that provides its users with an encrypted connection service that makes it impossible for cyber criminals to gain access to your data. Your personal information appears scrambled to every prying eye except for the device that you are using to get online and the IP Vanish servers. It’s a heightened type of cyber protection that keeps you from becoming a victim of hackers. It also protects your privacy.

What does IP Vanish do?

It allows you to connect to public WiFi safely. When you have this service in place you can connect to any WiFi hot spot with full protection. These public WiFi connections are the most vulnerable to cyber attack. The current estimates reveal that one out of every 4 WiFi networks are open to hackers so people who use them are placing their private information at risk for a breach. There are many victims of cyber crime and hackers gain access to sensitive personal information about their shopping habits as well as their credit card and banking information. IP Vanish stops this activity by safely cloaking your information and making it impossible for thieves to gain access to your data.

IP Vanish VPN protects your private information

In addition to banking information your other accounts including usernames and passwords are at risk to hackers. It’s embarrassing to have a social media account hijacked by a cyber criminal. They can use your personal accounts to send out viruses and other type of content to everyone who is on your friends’ lists. This has happened to thousands of people who fall victim to this type of crime.

IP Vanish gives you Long-distance internet calling

Through the IP Vanish VPN service, you also get protected long distance services to make calls through the internet. This allows you to stay connected with friends and family from all over the world. When IP Vanish is in place, your communications with others are also kept private. One of the benefits that IP Vanish offers over other such providers such as Vonage and Skype is that you are charged local rates. The others tend to be much higher in price so you can actually save money and be better protected.

You won’t be bothered with unwanted marketing

There are so many targeted ads and marketing pop-ups on the internet that you end up spending far too much time just closing out of these annoying unwanted features. Most other services don’t offer the advantage of blocking these ads. IP Vanish allows you to keep your information private from marketers so you won’t have as many pests bothering you when you’re using the service.

IP Vanish offers effective defense on multiple devices

This protection is available for use on tablets, computers and mobile apps so you have protection that goes way beyond what a common anti-virus or firewall based software is able to do. All of your connections are made safer from hackers, marketers and other nosy viewers who are after your private information. You have the right to privacy and IP Vanish ensures that your privacy is protected.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider getting IP Vanish. It’s designed to provide you with the best possible protection for online threats. In this day and age, it’s not safe to trust free services that often give you the minimum amount of protection. It only takes on security breach to wreak havoc in your professional and personal life. It’s a risk that simply is not worth taking. IP Vanish is an effective solution for protecting your private information and for giving you added peace of mind.

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