Why Will Smith is Awesome


This video may be on the old side, but I think it perfectly exemplifies why Will Smith is in fact the coolest human being on the planet.

Usually celebrity interviews are a smattering of ass kissing and awkwardness, and that only gets amplified when the interviewer is not a native English speaker.

But in this video, Will Smith manages to transcend all language barriers with the power of music and make this guy’s life in the process. Check it out above.

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  1. @ donpureevil
    I can’t believe I’m asking this question, but was that the guy who was presenting the Eurovison Song Contest? My mom was watching it. She was!

  2. Sure its the cool thing to hate on will smith nowadays because rather than make movies for himself he tries to make his kids famous. That’s right people hate him essentially because he loves his kids, only in America. I for one always have liked him and think he seems like a really cool down to earth guy.

  3. I’m not sure about the “hating” on Will Smith but like, Tom Cruise, they did did make several forgetable flicks in a row (and some bombs) and tends to play the same character in most films.

    However, that clip shows why he is likable and I hope that he stops making movies like Wild, Wild West and more flicks like Ali and the first MiB.

  4. This video doesn’t really show how cool a guy Will Smith is. What it DOES show though, is that once upon a time, Stefan Raab was REALLY funny. Back in the days he regularly did those funny celebrity interviews and stuff like “Raab in Gefahr” (Raab in Danger) in his tv show.

  5. Im neutral at him, one day he do one shitty film, the other he does the oscar bait, in between he does something for those terrible kids. What i dont like about him is all those bull crap he always does since the early fresh prince days, the “handsome-smart-rich-wise-cool-something-black man” routine. In I Robot there was that scene with the cat, why the fuck he had to say something racial? If that was a joke im sorry, didnt worked, just don try anymore. The sad part is that MIB 3 is coming and somewhere in the film he will do it again

  6. Wow, havent watched german TV for a long time, but I always liked Stefan Raab!!! I have nothing against Will Smith and the scene from Bad Boys 2 when he & Martin Lawrence f… up the kid (Reggie i think) who comes to take Lawrences daughter out always cracks me up!!!

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