Who Says Kinect Won’t Be Fun?


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I’ve long ranted about how I think that even though Kinect is cool technology, it will be deemed a massive failure by the legions of fans who don’t want to play out their favorite games in mime.

That being said, here’s an example of what that might look like when applied to an action game, in this case, an adaptation of the infamous curb stomping scene in American History X. I never understood why that guy actually bit the curb when he told him to.

I could easily see this mechanic being applied to say…Gears of War where you also are required to sometimes stomp your enemies skulls. But after about the twentieth one, the hole in my carpet and bones in my leg would probably just wish I was using the controller instead.

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  1. Can someone please tell me what makes kinect different from the eyetoy? Other than voice recognition it looks like the same technology. Yet the eyetoy was ultimately a failure that has been around for around 8 years and this is lauded as being “ground breaking”.

  2. I can’t believe you guys posted this. It shows ignorance and bad taste. I have been following this blog for long time, I guess I won’t do it anymore. Why did he bit the curb, you ignorant? Because he was scared! Because of centuries of repression based on race! Because he had a f…..ing gun! You really think that should be in a video game? You really think depicting two white folks killing a black guy in a video game is OK? Well, is NOT, you insensitive bastard. Not for anyone, nor black nor white. What’s in you f…king brains?

  3. @Jonas

    Sorry, but you lost me at “Why did he bit the curb, you ignorant?…Because of centuries of repression based on race!”

    And if you’re opposed to anyone killing anyone (as depicted in a movie or video game), this is the wrong site for you.

  4. Paul,
    You are not the youth a country like USA deserves. Immerse in your bubble of hedonistic narcissism, I can only foresee a lonely and sad future for you. I was hopping this irresponsible post had been taken away, in an act of self criticism, and for the good name of this nice site you guys have put together. I apologize if you do not understand this second language of mine, learned solely academically. You lost me in sadness at your ignorance, kid.

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