Eight Ridiculously Bad Examples of Actors Singing

Just because someone is famous or has a Hollywood career doesn’t give them the right to create a CD does it?  Well…actually it totally does but that doesn’t mean it’s right.   I guess it’s the dream of having music out there.  I don’t blame anyone for wanting to be a rock star.

However, there are lines that simply should not be crossed.   And unfortunately these eight actors crossed the line…and in a very bad way.

Check out the examples after the jump…..

David Charvet – Should I Leave


Look, you were a lovely actor on Baywatch but the whole French singing crooning thing just doesn’t work pal.   In fact that whole album should be thrown in the trash.

Russell Crowe – Painted Veil


Yes, Crowe has an entire album called “Other Ways of Speaking.”  For the love of God please make it stop.  If I wrote this song for my wife I think she might slap me in the face.

Chris Burke with Joe and John Demasi


No I’m not making fun of Chris Burke because he’s mentally challenged.   I’m making fun of Chris Burke because this song is absolutely horrible and if anyone in the world sang it, it would be just as bad.

Tony Danza – No Clue


He does have an album called the House I Sit in but come on.  What the hell is this crap?

Corey Feldman Sings to His Wife


What amazes me about Feldman is that I think every time he does something he thinks he’s the best in the world at it.   Like I legitimately think he thinks he’s an amazing singer right here.   How are there fans at this thing?

Alyssa Milano – Look in My Heart


I’m sorry but I think I might actually like this song.  No, I don’t but how awesome is this?

Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time


Oh come on folks.  Sing along!  You know this one.

John Travolta – Let Her In


Funny because he wasn’t that bad in Grease but this song is absolutely atrocious.

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  1. Didn’t Steven Seagal make an album? I know Hulk Hogan did, that one is atrocious. The Macho Man one probably is as well.

    I’m genuinely curious if Kevin Bacon’s, Keanu Reeves’, and Juliette Moore’s bands are any good. If they every play in NYC, maybe I’ll go check ’em out. Oh and Gina Gershon’s band I’d go see just to see her ::drools::

  2. I would watch a video of Tony Danza singing “Tiny Dancer”. That’s about all the singing goodwill I’d extend to him.

    @ Steve – I think you mean Juliette Lewis.

  3. I love “Party All the Time”! Terrible song, but it’s pure gold. IMO.

    But an actually good actor who can make good music/sing. Ryan Gosling. His band, Dead Man’s Bones is rad. And his ukulele bit in Blue Valentine was good.

  4. Lulz, O’Reilly’s, the pub Russel Crowe is singing at, is in my hometown of St. John’s, Newfoundland. The man next to him is Allan Doyle, lead singer of Great Big Sea.

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