Whatever Happened to Mitch After the Krepo Leaks?


In the incredibly fast-paced and changeable world of esports, there are few constants. Players, games, and even the sportscasters seem to rotate through their fifteen-minutes of fame at a ridiculous pace. Yet within the industry, some seem like pillars, remaining a part of esports for years, becoming familiar faces to whom we turn for news, entertainment, and reliability. Mitch ‘Krepo’ Voorspoels was one of those, both as a player and a caster until he suddenly stepped down in 2017. A series of highly personal leaked photos hit the media, and though he worked hard to stay classy and keep the recipient out of the news, the ‘scandal’ of the Krepo Leaks was a problem for the handsome young caster’s career. Then he was just… gone. So whatever happened to Mitch after the Krepo Leaks?

What Are The Krepo Leaks?

To understand what happened and where Mitch went, you need to understand more about the Krepo Leaks. What happened that hurt his career so much he stepped down? Well, the trouble with being a public figure is that you’re always under scrutiny. Every move you make is under a microscope, or rather under thousands of microscopes, sometimes more. Beyond merely that, everyone has an opinion about every single thing you do. It often doesn’t occur to famous faces, until after something goes badly wrong, just how much a problem can impact their lives.

In the case of Mitch Voorspoels, aka “Krepo,” the issue was one of leaked photos. He’s not the first celeb to have private pictures stolen and leaked on the internet. Sadly it’s a fact of life that private photos are only as private as hackers, and the recipients allow them to be. When you gain any real fame, there’s an incentive to air your laundry in the public eye. Becoming a target for public attacks from anyone with a grudge, or too much spare time is an unfortunate side effect of having a large number of people care about what you do.

Victim or Creep-o?

How people interpret private pictures is often a matter of perception. The people whose photos are leaked typically feel violated, their trust and private information have been abused and often stolen. The viewers see whatever it is they’re inclined to see. Some see an unwitting sex-object, others a freak or villain. Nude photos, and before them nude paintings, and sculpture, have always been subject to debates. The exposure of the body by and to those who are willing or those who find it unwanted is a hot mess of opinions when it comes to the arguments.

Getting caught up in the middle is a career maker or breaker for some. For others, it’s a mere inconvenience. From religious morals to personal appeal or revulsion, anyone who sees images reacts. In this era of the internet and its freedoms, anyone can see all the pictures that are posted. They can share their thoughts and feelings and even blast the individual.

In Mitch’s case, he chose or was forced to decide to remove himself from the public eye after nude pictures he sent to someone hit the internet. The result was essentially the end of his career, though it’s not totally clear whether Voorspoels himself or the company he worked for instigated the voluntary removal from the industry. You can see where he stopped posting on Twitter after being an active user for years. However, it looks like his final message on that account was one of hope and gratitude. What happened to Mitch after that message in October of 2017?

Where Do We Go From Here?

After announcing that he intended to return in a capacity further from the spotlight, Mitch didn’t speak again on his twitter profile. Did he ever go back? Is he just missing in action? Avid esports fans know the answer already. Mitch took a step away, time to think, after what happened, and for a little while, he was relatively quiet. We didn’t hear his name or see much of him. However, he wasn’t gone for very long. Within months of his final Twitter post on the old account, Voorspoels was getting back in the game.

After an extended absence, Mitch came back last year. He changed his moniker from “Krepo” to “Boris,” and signed on with Team Schalke as a coach. It wasn’t long before Mitch reminded everyone why he got into esports in the first place as the team won their first match with him coaching. For all of the 2018 season, Voorspoels was the Head Coach for Schalke, proving that he still has the chops and he can manage as well as he plays. Fortunately, he seems to have moved past the Krepo Leaks phase of his life.

We still don’t see him as much as we did before, but anyone might be a little camera shy, no pun intended, after what happened. Having your private life exposed to the world is the sort of thing that’s likely to shake up anyone’s priorities. However, after looking seriously at his life and what he wanted, it’s clear that esports is where Mitch’s head and heart truly reside. As of an announcement this month (December 2019), the renamed Boris is working with Team Vitality out of France. The announcement for their 2020 roster has him listed as the Team Director, and they even used his old moniker. Hopefully, this means the past is going to stay there, and Mitch is indeed moving forward with his life in a positive direction.

In the end, it seems Krepo, aka Boris, wasn’t kidding when he said he’d return to the industry, but he intended to keep himself further from the spotlight. It seems a very harsh way for anyone to learn the value of privacy. We can only hope he’s better for the experience and be glad to see the talented former esports caster back to his old territory and working in the industry he so clearly loves.

Final Thoughts

The public, and especially the internet, can be a cruel mistress. It’s unfortunate that more people don’t consider how vulnerable their private information truly becomes once it’s accessible. Any device that connects to the internet is accessible to someone. The lesson of the Krepo Leaks is one many rising stars would be well served to pay attention to since it’s a lesson in consequences as well as how to handle a breach with class and good common sense. Have you ever had your data stolen? Are you sure it’s secure right now? Let us know what you think of people who leak nude photos in the comments section below.

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