What WOULD Halo Reach Look Like on Kinect?


Every since 2009 E3 where “motion controls” became the new “good graphics” one question stuck in my mind. How is this going to translate to many people’s favorite game genres, first person shooters? No matter what I thought of, I couldn’t envision a scenario where me pointing my arms and the screen and running in place would ever be preferable to a controller, and now with this video, which shows that actually happening for Halo Reach, it’s only reinforced that belief for me.

At least with Move or Wii, you can still move your character around with a joystick on the remote, but with Kinect? I understand how MAYBE pretending to hold a gun with your hands and shooting it at the screen would work, but what wouldn’t? The simple act of moving around in three dimensions. All the Kinect games I’ve seen so far are on the rails, or when a player does have to move themselves, they can only go forward and it’s by throwing their arms awkwardly out in front of them.

For people who want to play these types of games, fine, but don’t act like this is the future of gaming, because it simply CAN’T be.

Side note: Every girlfriend I’ve ever tried to teach a FPS to always ends up staring and the sky and spinning around. I have yet to figure out why this is.

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  1. Your girlfriend isn’t alone. I think the thing that most video game vets tend to forget is that to someone new to the hobby, the dual thumb stick controllers are more confusing than advanced astrophysics.

    That’s the crux of what makes the Wii so popular. There’s no learning curve, and so anyone can play the Wii’s 5 good games and then let it collect dust for a year. Yeah, that’s right Wii fanboys, I dissed your game lineup. Come get some 🙂

  2. My wife doesn’t suffer from staring at the sky, but the few FPS that she has got into I’ve made the observation that when ever she uses a sniper rifle and is behind cover, she moves her head like she can peak around the cover while holding the controller straight armed in front of her.

    Conversely, when I’ve tried playing a FPS on the Wii, I end up looking at the ground or the sky.

  3. That girl was hillarious (mostly ’cause she reminded me of everytime I ever tried to play N64 Turok games).

    On a slightly more serious note, if the Kinect could be made to map motion and game avatars 1 to 1 I would love to play Halo like this (don’t we all act like that guy, pretending to hold the Halo 1 assault rifle when no one is watching?).

    On the other hand I do see the depth problem, running like that could get really annoying and tiring.

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