What We Thought This Console Generation Would Look Like

360 copy

Has anyone ever noticed that “leaked” images of upcoming consoles in the video game industry are always, always wrong? The photos in question always turn out to be cobbled together in photoshop (or sometimes real life) from bits and pieces of old systems, while shaping it into something downright odd. And wrong. Always wrong. Here are a ton of “concept” shots and leaked photos that claimed to be the consoles we all know and love today.

Xbox 360/Next/2/Zephyr/NeXtBox/Xenon


Well, at least they got the color right. Highlights of this group include the massive PC tower version, the smooshed original Xbox version, the expanded original Xbox version, the “ball” and the walkman. That one in the top right corner looks eerily like the Wii. I think the final version we got was the best. No need for giant X’s or neon green paintjobs. In fact that only color we can really see on the 360 is that little red ring around the power button. Subtle.

3602 3603 3604 3605

Nintendo Wii/Revolution/Nexus


Known to most as the “Revolution,” the final product did NOT end up looking like it was pulled out of Speed Racer (above). Although it was called the “Wii,” so there’s that tradeoff. Othr variants included portable DVD type formats, a 360-ish controller setup, and a few that looked like a Roomba. The final product is small, sleek and able to be kicked over with the absolute greatest of ease.

revolution revolution2 revolution3 wii wii2 nexus

Playstation 3  (no need for fancy codenames here)


Before it was the monolithic black tower that we know today, the PS3 went through a bunch of phases. The camcorder (above), the iPod charger, and my favorite, the double stacked PS2. The silver one below is pretty close to the final product, but it does have that boomerang controller that magically disappeared. The PSX at the end was a DVR integrated PS2 that was only sold in Japan, but many thought it was going to be the PS3 in America. Nope.

ps32 ps33 ps35 psx

Bonus: Nintendo DS, PSP and 360 Portable(!)

360 handheld

Some of these are past concepts for the current models, some are renderings of possible future iterations. And no, Microsoft will never, ever actually make a 360 portable. Trying to compete with the DS is like throwing rocks at a giant. A giant riding on the shoulders of another giant. Surfing on a giant whale. You get the idea.

360 handheld2 ds1 ds2 ds3ds4 ds5 psp psp2 psp3 psp4

And one final treat, the Apple iBox


I only want one if it comes in Kiwi.


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