What Han’s Doing in Retirement

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I never read any of the “official” books that chronicle what happened to Luke, Leia and Han after the events of Return of the Jedi, but I’m pretty sure nowhere in them was Han Solo settling down and opening up a grilled cheese truck using his famous ship as the namesake.

I tried to CSI enhance this image to the point where I could read the assuredly humorous menu choices, but I just couldn’t do it. Damn you pixels!

Side note: Would you be mad if they made a new post-Solo and Skywalker Star Wars series that didn’t follow any of the released books at all? I sure as shit wouldn’t.

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  1. I would be mad over new movies only because it would be a senseless money-grab on Lucas’ part (not that it would be the first time) and it would continue to degrade my favorite movie triology of all time through association

  2. im a long term star wars fan ive read the books and if they made new movies and didnt use the books i would be pissed and might not watch them on anything other than netflix during a national disaster

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