We’re on the Bandwagon: Unreality Joins Twitter and Facebook


So because we want to be all cool and web 2.0 and most of the thoughts in our head aren’t more than 140 characters long, we here at Unreality have decided to join Twitter. 90% of the tweets will be written by yours truly, and will consist of my random musings about the entertainment industry as well as links to cool articles both on our site and elsewhere.

I highly recommend you follow us here, and if you’re a reader, send me a direct message to say what’s up, just so I know you’re not an internet marketing spammer or a cam girl. I’ll follow you back and we can be Twitter pals for life.

ALSO, we are joining this newfangled thing called “Facebook,” and I suggest you become a fan of us here, where we’ll keep you updated on everything in the entertainment industry that takes MORE than 140 characters to talk about.

Alright, I’m going to leave this up all weekend, and I expect to have 50,000 followers and fans by Monday. Or ten. Ten would be nice.

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