Well, You’ve Certainly Covered All Your Bases


I have no idea what country this came from, but dear lord I hope it’s not America.  Although I’m not sure how many other countries have affinity for Obama, Harry Potter, Sonic the Hedgehog, roses, the number 10 and mismatching color schemes. Why are Sonic’s eyes yellow? Has he taken up smoking recently? At least they made his spines blue.

I’m tempted to hunt down and buy this for my nephew’s birthday, but I think I’ll wait until the Sarah Palin, Twilight, Master Chief, #30, daffodils version comes out.

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  1. Only China would make something hideous like that. And the characters on top of the red backpack seem to be Chinese characters. So… yeah.

    The real question is: Why is Sonic standing in a pool of his own pee?

  2. For the record, the backpack’s from Chittagong in Bangladesh (though almost certainly made somewhere else). I find it hilarious that this photo I took of it has been doing the rounds of the internet like this – it started on one of the world’s tiniest blogs with about a readership of 10 or so people. Ha!

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