Well, This Movie is Sure as Hell Going to be Awesome


What is “Arthur” about? I have no idea, but after seeing this photo, I’m 100% on board. Any movie that puts Russell Brand in a batsuit with nipples and Luis Guzman in an ill-fitting Robin costume is worth my time.

I still don’t know what to make of Russell Brand. I find him fascinating that he’s able to play characters in films that exactly resemble his real life persona. He’s kind of a mirror image version of Michael Cera, where instead of being a meek dweeb all the time, he’s a insatiable lothario.

Anyway, this looks absolutely amazing, and I’m looking forward to an explanation of how exactly this series of Batman-themed events transpired.

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  1. Arthur is a remake of one of my dads favorite movies buy I have never seen it. I’m pretty sure its about some spoiled rich man child that falls in love with liza minelli or something like that. Sounds sort of like buster and lucille 2 to me…

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