Weekly Movie Rec: Shattered Glass

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. “Are you seriously recommending a movie starring Hayden Christensen?” Yes, I am, and Shattered Glass almost inspired me to write a post called “Awful Actors with One Good Role.” That list also included Paris Hilton in Repo! The Genetic Opera, but that’s as far as I got.

Shattered Glass tells the true story of Stephen Glass, an up-and-coming superstar journalist who got caught making up the vast majority of his stories. It started as a rogue quote here and there, and then he was inventing entire people, entire stories, until his house of cards collapsed on him.

No blood, no bullets, no boobs, but this is really a fascinating film. Maybe I found it especially interesting as a journalist myself, as I know the temptation to cut corners is there, but to take it to this level? It’s insane to watch it unfold. Christensen is good here because you’re SUPPOSED to hate his character, which is why his casting works. It’s a solid film, and I think you’d like it, and I bet less of you have seen it than last week’s Galaxy Quest.

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  1. I totally agree. I watched it for the first time in my intro to journalism class. It is truly incredible, but what fascinates me is that it took so long to figure out the guy was a fraud. Some of his stories was horrible and obviously fake.

  2. Yep, great flick. It be nice to see Hayden actually get out of the shadow of acting in Ep. 2 & 3. Maybe as he gets older he’ll get better roles and grow into it.

  3. Good rec. I saw this when it was first released on DVD several years ago. Very interesting story, and Hayden Christensen was actually really damn good in the role. This is the kind of performance that made me wonder if he was one of those actors only capable of delivering a good performance if properly directed.

  4. “I bet less of you have seen it than last week’s Galaxy Quest.”

    You’d win that bet. I have never even heard of this movie before.

  5. I remember watching this film a few years ago, and really liking it, less for the journalistic aspect to it but just the sheer enormity of his lying.
    Hank Azaria was good in this, too.
    And, for the record, I have seen both this and Galaxy Quest.

  6. i love this film. if your only reason to push it away is because you only associate HC with annakin, then please eschew your preconceptions. in fact, his detractions as Annakin makes him perfect for this role. Chloe Sevigny and Peter Sarsgard are wonderful, masterful really. The direction was fantastic – the pacing in this type of story is essential.

    I place this film with “Bully” and “Owning Mahoney” as those painful films that equate to watching a down in flames plane in slow motion. This man that makes the perpetual wrong choice at incessant forks in the road. you will find your self watching in awe that someone can weave themselves into this web; while screaming at the screen “if you just stop now you can get out with minimal damage!”.

    but alas, arrogance or addiction or ego or desperation clings to to strongly. engaging cinema!

  7. But he’s a lot either black or white. There’s no he was almost good or almost bad with HC. It’s either wow he was awesome in that, or egads that guy can’t act. Who did he blow to get cast?

    Hayden gets a bit of a bad rap. See? I can’t even slam him, without defending him a bit.

    I liked his performances in:
    Life as a House
    Takers (although they editted out some scenes I had seen at a screening)

    OMG he sucked in:
    Episode III ROTS
    Episode II AOTC

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