They Got That B-Roll


I’ve watched this five times already, and I can’t quite articulate why. Maybe I have a secret desire to direct a commercial using a lot of stock footage, and I take comfort in knowing that if I ever choose to do so, I’ve got a crap ton of excellent B-roll footage to choose from.

“We’ve got a depressed woman touching a wall! Why is she touching a wall? It’s what depressed people do!”

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  1. I watched this video yesterday and kind of forgot about it until late last night when some new anti-depressant commercial came on…. sure enough, there was depressed woman standing against a wall. I lol’ed.

  2. I am… something. I don’t know if my brain imploded from the idea that this is a business, or how awesome that guy is! I want to make a commercial just so I can call them and ask for a monkey smacking a dolphin. I’ll work it in.

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