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And I’m sure most Firefly/Dollhouse fans would agree with him. I can’t really see any overlapping fan bases there.

I don’t believe this shirt is homophobic, I just think it’s pointing out that the coiffed hair, sparkling body glitter and massive amount of abs would in fact indicate Twilight is rather gay. Not gay as a negative slur, just a statement of fact.

So that being said, where do you get these shirts?

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  1. That shirt is pretty accurate. Though I think the cult following of “Firefly” and other Joss Whedon television shows is equally as ridiculous, it seems like the same people LOVE his work before they even see it, simply because his name is attached. The crazy Twilight fans are the same way, just for something else. I guess to each their own.

  2. @ Hey Lady!

    I’m not sure how much the comparison of Whedon-ites and the Twitards holds up. Stephanie Meyer could wipe her nose on a blank sheet of paper and the sparklevire lovers would eat it up. On the other hand, I don’t think you’ll see too many Whedon fans defending Dollhouse. Sure you have the ultra hardcore people (every major franchise/director/writer does) but the vast majority of fans (like myself) quickly ran out of patience for Dushku and the gang. Is there fanaticism on both sides? Yeah, but the Whedon fans demand much, much more.

  3. Though I agree with you that the reference to Twilight being “gay” is not meant to be homophobic, (though the lipsticked Paterson might lead others think differently), I object to the word “gay” being used as an adjective, when a more accurate word could be used and would be more appropriate. Something negative is suggested by the use of the word, and for that reason, I don’t think it necessary for use in this T-shirt. If “lame” is the intended message, then use “lame.” Lame is also the word I’d use to describe the “celebrity” wearing this shirt, as, by wearing the shirt, he’s also promoting the trash that is Twilight.

  4. My point is that it’s funny to see someone who is a part of a television show with a cult of die hard fans making fun of something else with a cult of die hard fans. I’m just saying, I’d think he’d have more of an understanding of something with a cult following. It’s made his career being in “Firefly”, it’s why anyone knows who he is.

    I know a lot of people who loved Dollhouse as well, and Dr. Horrible, and Buffy and Angel, etc.

  5. @ Hey Lady!

    Twilight fans have a waaaay different craziness to their name. I, myself, am a Firefly and Whedon fan but I keep it to myself unless someone asks about it which most fans actually do. You don’t have Whedonites crying over how they’re aspiring to become a vampire even with Buffy and Angel. Also, Twilight is just plain gay.

  6. the irony maybe lost on a typical straight guy, is that twilight is arguably homophobic. as it promotes a sort of hetero-normative moral outlook (sex is yucky, and may lead to death, Meyer is a Mormon—thinks all gays are going to “hell” etc).

    Furthermore, promoting a sexualized male figure, is actually homo-posative. Typically only young girls are sexualized in American culture; so to do the same to a young male, is acknowledgment of an alternative outlook.

    Not that Edward Cullen is like a champion of gay rights (as I said, he’s much to the contrary), but rallying against a male sex symbol on the grounds of his being male (because as far as I can tell there isn’t another reason) is actually kind of homophobic, if only by proxy.

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