The Witcher 3 Review

The start of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn’t exactly the same as that of its predecessor which, when started, was a screaming story of intrigue and betrayal. You must be thinking, by virtue of the previous statement, that the Witcher 3 would be monotonous and desultory: but, that is not the case. If you make your own path in the game, you will see the game turning wild. It will also give you opportunities to experience excellent combats and exhilarating fantasies. Even when you have played more than hundred hours, the Witcher 3 still tempts you to play on and hunt.

The first thing to be considered in the game is RPG mechanics, and when you compare the RPG mechanics of this latest Witcher 3, these are as good as in that of the other two games in the previous series. The open world and environment are worthy to be considered, and you might find this vast environment intimidating at first, but you will certainly find it rewarding in the longer run. The game has plenty of landscapes and it is very difficult to express those landscapes in words. You will see the rolling fields of different shapes and sizes, and different townships where people are struggling in the times of warfare. The game has a full day and night cycle, and it also has a dynamic weather: when you put both these things together, you will experience the most realistic landscapes ever. You might feel awkward to look at the tiny and handy map again and again to find different locations, but believe it or not, the map is very useful and without it, you will be lost.

One caution regarding the performance of the game in Xbox 1 and PS4 is worth mentioning. You may feel if you are using either of these two devices that 30fps is too much to ask, because from time to time transition between two maps can take some time, and you will also notice minor glitches popping up. But, there is no need to worry because these things do not impact the game in any meaningful way. If you are playing the game on PC, you can expect a lot more because, on GTX 980, the game can be played on 60 frames per second.

The open-world map certainly has some unnecessary consequences on the story of the game, and you will also notice as there are few instances of greatness, the story of the game as a whole is least fulfilling. When the game begins, Geralt is searching for his lost lover and his surrogate daughter on many continents. The only thing that I find dull in the game is that the story never really moves on, and what Geralt always keep on doing is that he runs errands in exchange for information. The game looks more like a wild goose chase instead of a mystery to be revealed.  There are also many interesting dialogues and some emotional payoffs, but still, they are nothing more than meaningless fetch quests. The moment I felt that I was going to uncover some blazing mystery, I had to escort a goat somewhere. Even Geralt himself can hardly hide his frustration of doing tasks constantly.

Even without knowing the context of previous two games, you can go on playing the game pretty well, but in some instances, you will feel the need to know the context. For instance, if you haven’t played the previous two games, you wouldn’t pay much attention to finding Ciri; you may also think of Ciri as a complete stranger until the last quarter of the game.

Two other things worth mentioning are character progression and equipment choices. In some ways, you will find the RPG of Witcher 3 streamlined, while in others you will notice that it has become more difficult than the previous games. Both the simplicities and the complexities have their own charm. Now you can take potions and oils in a more practical and easy manner and there is no need for meditation.

My favorite thing in the game is that whatever decisions you make, change the environment around you and that makes it a game based on total cause and effect relationship. Many times I went to places in the game where I once have been to see what impact did my decisions have in that particular environment, and to my amazement there was much change as a consequence of my decisions, and I find that it is the perfect game in this regard which claims such cause and effect relationship than any other game I have played so far. You can purchase this game from G2A for a reasonable price and for discount checkout G2A coupons from Coupon Goo.

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