How Video Games Evolved Across Multiple Platforms


The world of gaming is constantly evolving, ensuring that play remains fresh and innovative, and that players continue to be enchanted and engaged. While the traditional means of playing games, whether that’s via a tabletop, a desk top, or a console, are unlikely to ever disappear altogether, the ways in which players are experiencing content and broadening their enjoyment of games IS changing.

New technology is fast bringing even more to the table, ensuring that favorite games such as poker, bingo, platform games, and video games are swept along during the digital revolution, rather than being left behind. From online and mobile platforms, to the cloud and cross-play gamers have never had it so good, or been exposed to so many different means of playing – and the industry is all the better for it.

Online and mobile

The concepts of online and mobile gaming have managed to bring a whole new dimension to gaming relatively quickly and easily, tempting players to engage with titles no matter where they are, or what they were doing just minutes before. Playing on laptops, desktops, tablets, mobiles, and consoles, or a variety of devices simultaneously, gamers are no longer restricted to the games they can load via disk; content now comes directly from the web, via app download, or can be enhanced by add-ons and updates that are available online.

Poker, one of the world’s favorite table cards games is just one pastime that has managed to make the digital crossover, and it’s now avidly played online, and via mobile app, by millions. The Internet has offered poker a new dimension, featuring tournaments, far more social play, and prizes that couldn’t be offered by traveling to a casino – a single game of poker can be played worldwide.

This, in turn, has increased the popularity of televised poker, which has been explored in depth on the 888 blog; the game is now reaching more platforms than ever before thanks to its ability to adapt and evolve with the times, and other pastimes are fast following suit.

The cloud and cross-platform play

Cross-platform play is on the rise, with Microsoft announcing earlier this year that it would introduce a means for players to access content across networks, in the same way that PlayStation and PC already do; Xbox Play Anywhere is just the latest in a long line of cross-platform hosts, enabling games to be shared and played simultaneously, and to create a world of video gaming, rather than limiting players to the console they’re using.

Cross-platform play has been integral to the evolution of the gaming industry, and allows multiple online players to share their experiences regardless of console choice. While online elements had already revolutionized the ways in which players accessed content, the gaming world is starting to get much bigger – or smaller, depending on how the phenomenon is regarded.

In a similar vein cloud gaming, or gaming on demand, allows players to stream games via file download or video download, and to access content across their devices for a fully immersive experience. The games industry’s ability to evolve and transcend platforms means that gamers can access what they want, when they want, and the studios are booming on their enjoyment.

The future is looking bright for the gaming industry as it plunges towards virtual reality becoming a widespread phenomenon rather than science fiction, and more money is invested in multiple platforms.

Gaming has become an immersive experience for all, and enticed players of every age and both genders into the fold; from the traditional favorites, such as poker, now enjoyed online in multicolor and 3D, to the incredible social experiences that gamers are now able to have regardless of their console, the digital revolution is sweeping players along rather than leaving them behind. Thanks to the gaming industry’s ability to cross platforms, things can only get more exciting from here on in.

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