The Video Games that Can Prepare You for Parenthood

While some experts will tell you that you can never fully prepare for parenthood, there are clearly many steps that an expecting parent can take to help them through the process. A parent has to learn a lot of skills, and many parents say that they have developed an entirely new outlook on life and what is important after having a child. There are many books, papers, and websites offering theoretical guidance to new parents, but many people prefer to learn by being hands-on.

A new parent that doesn’t know any other people with small children may struggle to develop these skills, but this is where video games can have a positive influence. There are video games that can prepare you for parenthood, with a broad range of games offering insight and the chance to develop the best way to deal with certain problems.

Games with a nurturing nature are nothing new. In the 1990s, one of the most popular games was Tamagotchi, which saw people caring for a digital pet. This was a fairly primitive game, but it introduced the concept of being fully responsible for another being, the importance of routine, and learning to deal with problems that arise unexpectedly. The simplicity of Tamagotchi and its handheld system ensured that the game could go anywhere a person did, further enhancing the lifelike nature of being a parent, and many people would have learned a lot about the pressure and stress of looking after someone from these games.

Modern games offer a fully immersive experience

Given the improved technology of video games these days, it is no surprise to learn that there are many video games that offer a more insightful look into being a parent. One of these games in recent years has been Harvest Moon (and the various similar games that have cropped up on social media) because it provides a fully immersive lifestyle for people to follow. There is a rhythm to the game, and players need to develop a routine to grow their farm. Developing a routine is an important part of being a parent. Having a routine in place is beneficial to the child and will enhance their development, so subtle lessons from this game can be implemented into the everyday routine of the new parent.

There are also games that have been designed more specifically around the parenting experience. Octodad: Deadliest Catch and Who’s Your Daddy are different in tone and mood, but both offer insight into the mind-set that a new parent has to develop. It can be difficult learning new skills, but there is no other option but to keep working hard and learning. The latter of these two games brings to light the various dangers that a baby is exposed to around the home. The game is set up in a fun manner, but ensuring that your home is child-friendly and that you should never let your child out of sight for too long are very good reminders for new parents.

You need to plan ahead and have lots of items to make the process simpler

As a parent, you’ll learn that being as organized as possible is sensible and can allow you to plan for any eventuality. This is why parents heading out of the house need a selection of essential items, including diaper bags and items that will keep their children amused. While many games that allow people to play as parents aren’t fully immersive, there is usually an understanding that so many things can happen out of the blue. Item management is essential in life, and in games, and with world-famous games such as the Zelda series having a focus on item management, people can subconsciously develop an understanding of planning ahead and carrying what you think you will need.

The nature of video games has evolved considerably in recent times. While there will still be people who complain about video games and cite them as a bad influence on people, there is a need to understand that there is a broad spectrum of video games. With video games providing practical skills, real-life experiences, and knowledge that can be transferred into general activities, there is a great deal to be said for people playing video games to enhance their performance and behavior. This means that many people preparing for parenthood can enjoy video game time while honing and developing the skills that they will need to care for their child.

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