Reasons Why you Should Choose Xbox over PC Gaming

If you were to choose, would you go with a console or PC in terms of gaming? Others would pick the PC in an instant but read this article to find out why gamers still stick with consoles.

Going with a console you may sacrifice the resolution but for the most part, you get a consistent experience. You don’t have to worry about compatibility and drivers and you also don’t have to think every minute whether your hardware is about to snap.

Here are the upsides of buying an Xbox One:

1. It is a game console, plus a cord-cutting solution

You don’t need an extra set-top box to enjoy TV and movies if you have an Xbox One. It supports an array of video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, ESPN, and Twitch, and it can also play your Blu-ray discs and media from your storage devices via USB. Making Skype calls over is even possible on your Xbox and it’s super easy to switch back and forth between different content.

2.  You can also watch live TV

It also works with a number of live TV apps. You can get access to NBC, CBS, and Fox or you can pay $20 a month to access TV and video-on-demand which comes with CNN, AMC and more. Once you connect your content, you can create a list of your favourite TV channels and apps and you can also see the top trending shows based on your area and what’s trending on Twitter

3. It is now backwards compatible with a growing library of Xbox 360 games

The Xbox One can now play your old Xbox 360 games. All the games you bought digitally will automatically show up in your current collection and all your progress and old files will be recovered and transfer over, too. If you own a physical copy of the game, you can just slip the disc into your Xbox and the correct version will download from Xbox. This also works for those games’ downloadable content, achievements and expansion.

4. Xbox Live offers great goodies and services

Xbox Live is already a great reason to own an Xbox One. You can access basic features like online multiplayer with the free service, but if you pay $60 a year for an Xbox Live Gold membership (which is heartily recommended), you’ll get free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games to play every single month.

5. Xbox One is powered by Windows 10

The Xbox One is powered by Windows 10, and that means a lot of things. First, the Xbox One interface is different and is now much faster than before. Second, you can access settings during gameplay with no more interruptions. Third, you can use Microsoft’s digital assistant to record gameplay. Next, you can check if people are online and invite them to a chat room. And if you have a Windows PC, you can now stream all your Xbox One games to any of those computers and even on the Surface tablet.

6. It is going to work great with the Microsoft’s HoloLens

The Microsoft HoloLens is an augmented reality headset that will let you see virtual layers on top of the real world. Luckily, for an Xbox One owner, there are some exciting applications. Imagine being able to create a screen of any size and place it on any wall in your house that you desire to play video games or watch movies. Being able to stream Xbox One content to your HoloLens is just one of the coolest features to expect.

7. The Xbox One Elite controller is a premium handheld

Unfortunately, Xbox One Elite controller doesn’t come with the console. But, Microsoft’s $150 Elite controller is probably the best gaming controller you’ll ever see for a major console. It feels great and it is highly customizable. You can attach different thumbsticks, different triggers, different directional pads and you can even assign different functions to those buttons for different games.

PC gaming has its edges but games consoles are way more accessible to the masses. Kids and casual gamers do not have to do anything much than to plug in a box, open a game and play it and probably have a great time too. You can find the New Xbox one consoles online at an affordable price.  So if you don’t have an Xbox One yet, now is the best time to buy one.

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