The Most Innovative PC Games Released in 2017

There is no shortage of innovative new releases for 2017 in the console and mobile gaming worlds. However, this doesn’t mean that PC gamers are left out. Business Insider recently released a report about the 50 hottest video game titles across all genres, with PC games being very prominent among their choices. No matter what kind of gamer you are, there’s something new and interesting to check out. Games in the sports, action, adventure, war, puzzle and casino genres have all made the list of the most innovative titles for 2017.

Here are a couple of this year’s most remarkable releases for the Windows PC platform:


Bayonetta is a “hack and slash” action game that has been around for a few years on various consoles like the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. The game has received very favorable reviews when it first came out in 2009, leaving PC gamers waiting anxiously for it to be released on Windows. In 2017, Bayonetta’s developers, PlatinumGames, finally released a PC version.

It was an instant hit due to its supports for 4K graphics and 60 fps, giving gamers who are serious about graphics quality something they can truly appreciate. Another great plus of Bayonetta is the game’s captivating and original story. This sets it apart from other action games where fighting enemy after enemy is the main focus, with the storyline being secondary in importance.

Sniper Elite 4

If you like war games but want a change from the popular first-person shooters, then Sniper Elite 4 is a title that you can’t miss. It’s a tactical stealth shooter played from a third-person perspective that puts you right in the action of World War II, set in Italy during the year 1943.

As a game that focuses on stealth, it won’t have you running around all over the map at warp speed and shooting everything that moves. Instead, you must carefully take cover as you engage the enemy from a distance, just like a real World War II sniper would do. Sniper Elite 4 is a very innovative title and features many improvements over previous editions of the game. One of the most interesting features of the game is the X-Ray Kill cam, which automatically activates when you kill an enemy from a long distance. The cam follows the bullet from your rifle right to your target, showing the gory damage that it does as it passes through the enemy’s body.

The entire AI system has been upgraded to make the game more realistic and challenging too. Enemies are now a lot more responsive to your actions. For example, if you kill some enemy soldiers from a long distance, their squad mates will come looking for them after a short while. Taking out officers early on in the mission can make things easier for you, as the enemy forces are now more likely to start retreating.

Those who enjoy playing online games with friends or complete strangers on the Internet will appreciate the fact that the game has reintroduced cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Old Time Hockey

When putting Old Time Hockey together, the team at V7 Entertainment was inspired by the 1977 comedy film Slap Shot. Unlike most of today’s hockey games that focus on realistic simulation with real NHL teams and players, this arcade-style game is geared towards PC gamers looking for something fun and lighthearted. In Old Time Hockey, you become part of the fictional Bush Hockey League of the 1970s.

The style of play you’ll witness is definitely on the aggressive side. You can hit rival players with your stick, curse at the referees, take part in bench clearing brawls and wild goalie fights. Gamers who like “adult” humor, comedic violence and ice hockey are the target audience for this PC game. To make things even more fun, you can activate “Beer Mode,” which changes the controls so you can play with one hand and hold your beer with the other as you challenge your friends.

Live Golden Ball Roulette

As online gambling has experienced a huge surge in popularity during the last decade, developers of virtual casino games like Extreme Gaming have been hard at work creating innovative online games. Live Golden Ball Roulette is a great example of how immersive online gambling can get. Players can now experience the thrill of sitting at a real roulette table, wagering and winning real money, all without having to leave their home.

Live Golden Ball Roulette is among the top online games of 2017 in the casino gaming genre. It’s a live dealer roulette game that lets you see and interact with a dealer in a gaming studio, all in full HD video. Golden Ball Roulette is a variant of the classic roulette game in which you occasionally get the chance to tell the dealer exactly when to drop the ball on the wheel every 20 spins. To become the Golden Ball winner, you’ll need to have the highest total bet amount over 20 consecutive spins. The game is available at several licensed and reputable online gambling sites.

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