Why Hasn’t There Ever Really Been a Bingo Console Video Game?

Bingo is a simple yet entertaining game that anyone can play, even when you have no prior experience in playing the game before. The rules of bingo are very easy to understand and you can get started with joining a bingo session in just a couple of minutes. Over the years, bingo has been very popular among thousands – even millions – of players across the country. Yet, despite the immense popularity of this game, there aren’t that many bingo games designed for consoles. Let’s have a look at the reasons why not many console-based bingo games are available to players.

The Nature of the Game

As mentioned before, bingo is a very simple game. You use bingo cards marked with numbers to start playing. A caller will then call out numbers randomly and players must mark the called numbers on their bingo cards. When a player completes a certain pattern – usually a straight line from one end of the card to the other – that player hits bingo and can claim the prize.

The very nature of bingo doesn’t really lend itself to consoles, especially modern ones with immense 3D graphics capabilities. It is a game more suitable for smartphones and web browsers. In fact, it has been very popular on these two platforms, but we’ll get to that later.

There were a number of popular bingo games made for console gamers in the past. These bingo games focussed more on the multiplayer side of the experience, allowing family members and friends to play together and share the fun. Bingo games for older consoles also come with side games that players can play.

Mobile and Web Platforms

As mentioned earlier, the nature of bingo makes this game very suitable for two of today’s most popular platforms: the World Wide Web and mobile. There are thousands of bingo sites you can access today. There is always a bingo session to join no matter where you are in the world and what time you want to play.

Online bingo sites such as Sun Bingo have been innovating and introducing new features to the online bingo landscape. Side games are now just as widely available, which means players can enjoy a nice bingo session while playing casino games like slots or buying scratch cards to earn more rewards.

The introduction of mobile bingo has made the game even more popular than ever, especially since players can now access their favourite rooms using nothing but a smartphone. Both mobile web versions of the online game and mobile bingo apps offer superb gaming experiences directly to players.

A Shift in Demographics

It is also worth noting that console gamers are not always the kind of gamers who enjoy playing bingo. Console gamers prefer a much faster-paced games and other genres. This is one of the reasons why games such as first-person shooters, racing and RPGs are very popular among console gamers, and why slower-paced genres such as puzzle games and bingo are not.

Bingo used to be associated with older players, but this was before we had online and mobile bingo. Seniors used love to visit local bingo halls and get together with their friends. Sharing a bingo session was just an added bonus that made the whole experience more enjoyable. There were also cash prizes to win and various charity bingo events to join.

Online and mobile bingo changed the way bingo is played. There are more teens and young adults who enjoy playing bingo today than ever before. Seniors still play bingo online, but the majority of today’s players are actually active, young adults who just want to enjoy a fun session with colleagues or relatives.

It’s a Social Game

Yes, consoles now have online multiplayer features through which players can play together or compete with each other. Older consoles, however, didn’t have this feature. Bingo is more of a social game than a challenging story-based RPG. It is best played with friends and colleagues, hence the popularity of bingo halls in local communities.

The web and mobile platforms actually make the social aspect of bingo even better thanks to fast internet connections and fluid gaming platforms. You can play with friends who live on the other side of the country and still have the ability to chat and share the experience. There are even those who form online bingo communities; they play together at certain times, trade life stories and have a lot of fun on online bingo platforms.

The social side of bingo makes this game that much more exciting for many. It’s not just about pursuing cash prizes and winning – although the best online bingo sites now offer cash jackpots of £100,000 and more. It’s about having a relaxing yet exciting time with fellow bingo players at the end of a long week – or in today’s era of online bingo, whenever you feel like playing.

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