Five Ways That Video Games Can Actually Make You Money

For some people, playing video games in their homes or playing the slots at the casino is something that they do occasionally in their spare time. For some people, however, video games and slot machines are more of a way of life.

If you are among them, pay attention to this spin palace casino review which will provide you a full review of this renewed casino. Moreover, if you love slot machines and video games, there are a few ways that you can make money while playing these games. Since you already spend so much time playing, you may as well try to get paid for it. Below is a list of a few ways that you can earn while playing.

Game Testing

Development Stage: Many large video game companies hire game testers when the games are in the development stage. It would be your job to play the games and write a report after of any problems or glitches that you find in the games. This career would allow you to play video games for a living.

Big Salaries: The average salary of a first-year video game tester is $36,136 per year. After four to six years, you can make up to $45,769. This is a great career for anyone who loves video games and would like to do so for a living. For people who would like to pursue a career like this and for all the other gamers, this article about five video games that saw huge success in casinos will be a pleasure to read. It’s great even for those who are not faithful gamers.

Unofficial Guide-E Book Author

Write an eBook: If you are an expert at a certain game and you think you have a great deal of advice to give, you should  write an eBook for the website Killer Guides, which would include your knowledge. You can also go out on your own and write an eBook. There are video game enthusiasts who are willing to pay for your knowledge. To give you an idea of the amount of money that you can make, many of the Lord of the Ring game guides are about 100 pages long and they sell for $29.99.

Sell Advanced Characters

This way of earning money is used for games where the characters’ skill, weapons, magic, and other abilities go up the more you play. There are some people who play for hours on end to create the strongest characters possible. When the characters are very strong, they sell them. Although this violates most games’ terms of use clause, people sell these characters from anywhere between $30 to up to $10,000. Many gamers used to sell their characters on eBay, however, that is now banned. There are sites such as Player Auctions and Armory Bids who still allow these sales to go through.

Record Yourself Playing

Provide a running commentary: Many people today are recording themselves playing video games and then putting them on YouTube for a profit. If you are going to do this, you should understand that you cannot get paid for just a snippet of you playing a video game. In order to earn money, you would need to provide a running commentary. This means that throughout the entire video that you would need to be speaking, explaining what you are doing and why. If you are going to make any money posting videos on YouTube, you have to be amazing at an upper level of a game that many people are likely going to struggle with.

Do something that you truly love: If slot machines and video games are a way of life for you, there are a few ways that you can make money by playing them. You may not be able to make a full-time salary playing certain games, however, you can make a little extra money doing something that you truly love.

Online Casinos

There are a variety of popular online casino games that you can play right from the comfort of your own home. Some of these sites are better than others, therefore, you should know the best ones out there.

  • Betway Casino: This is a great online casino that pays new Canadian players a bonus of $1,500.
  • JackpotCity: This is an online slot machine that pays out a great deal of money to players every day. With just a small initial deposit, you would be eligible for a $1,600 welcome bonus package.
  • Royal Vegas: For a limited time, you can play the slots with a $1,200 welcome bonus as well as over 140 free spins.
  • Party Casino: This site offers a lower welcome package of $500, however, you do get 50 free spins that make this site a potential money maker.
  • Spin Palace: When you sign up on this site, you are given a $1,000 sign up bonus. Each day, the site pays out $5 million in prizes.




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