Five Video Games That Saw Huge Success in Casinos

In recent times, casinos have seen a significant fall in the revenues from their slot machines, which is a serious problem because those are supposed to make up the single biggest portion of their total revenues.

This is not because there are fewer people visiting casinos. Instead, this seems to be because fewer of those visitors are making use of slot machines compared to people in previous periods. Even though sites like that provides the latest and best casino bonus offers and have great opportunities for new players, the problem is still here.

Same Basic Principles: With that said, finding the source of the problem is rather simple and straightforward. In brief, even the most modern slot machines make use of the same basic principles as their predecessors, meaning that even the most modern slot machines hold little appeal for people who grew up in an age of video games. Furthermore, this is a problem that extends to the classic examples that come up when people think of casino games because all of them were designed in another era for another generation.

Video games that make you money: In any case, doesn’t matter if you are a fan of video games or perhaps online casinos, it will most definitely be helpful regardless of what types of games you prefer.

Percentage of gamblers: This conclusion is supported by the percentage of people who gambled when visiting Las Vegas in 2014, which were 78 percent for baby boomers, 68 percent for Generation Xers, and 63 percent of Generation Years. Since the last will make up a bigger and bigger proportion of the people who visit casinos as time continues to pass, this means that such establishments must either change or be rendered obsolete. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that a fair number of casinos have been planning to redesign their casino games to be more like video games, which is not as strange as it seems based on previous successes in this direction.

1. Danger Arena

In short, Danger Arena is the first example of a video game-based gambling machine as seen on, which is to say, it offers its players skill-based gameplay as well as a chance to win a monetary payout by being good at the game. Although details are sparse on the video gambling machine, it is a first-person shooter, which should be a familiar kind of game for the people that it is meant to attract. Should it prove successful, it seems probable that GameCo will produce more video gambling machines based on more genres, thus enabling its customers to tap into more of the video game-playing audience.

2. Catapult King

Catapult King is a mobile app based on using a catapult to take down both enemies and fortifications. As seen on, it is simple and straightforward but nonetheless entertaining, as shown by the millions and millions of people who have downloaded it onto their devices in the years since it was first released. As a result, it is an excellent choice for casinos that want to capitalize on the potential of video games, which is why its developer, Wicked Witch, has actually been contracted to make a casino-specific version of the game.

3. Counter-Strike

There has been a fair amount of discussion over allowing betting on e-sports in casinos. Should that come to pass, it seems probable that Counter-Strike will be one of the video games that will be bet on, seeing as how it is one of the most popular video games used in e-sport competitions. For the time being, it is impossible to say whether the Counter-Strike franchise will actually have new entries designed for the use of casinos, but even if it does not, it seems probable that video gambling machines will not lack representatives from the shooter genres, as shown by the existence of Danger Arena.

4. League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most famous examples of a MOBA game, which stands for a multi-player online battle arena game. In brief, it sees players directing champions with unique abilities against other players directing other champions, which become stronger over the course of each round as they gain gold and experience by fighting each other. As a result, it is another excellent example of video games that are often chosen for e-sport competitions, so much so that some of them have been known to award prizes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

5. Street Fighter V

Finally, it should be noted that Street Fighter V is another example of the video games that could be bet on from within casinos in the future. For people who are unfamiliar with the franchise, it is a fighting game, meaning that players assume control of characters with unique fighting styles before taking on other players with their own characters. Whether this particular game will be bet on or not, it is certain that fighting games will make their way onto video gambling machines because of their easy to pick up but difficult to master nature.





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