Five Reasons You Need to Play Wolfenstein II

Wolfenstein is a classic video game franchise that has its origins way back in the 80s. Castle Wolfenstein started this franchise back in 1981 and 36 years later it still is going strong. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be the latest release within this series. It is scheduled to hit the market in October of 2017 and is expected to be a top-selling title for the 2017 Christmas season. Here are the top five reasons why you need to play Wolfenstein II.

The New America in Wolfenstein II is Going to be Awesomely Screwed Up

In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus the United States of America is going to be one messed up place. Hitler’s minions and cronies will rule the country and the streets. There will be lots of anti-Semitic resentment and hate groups everywhere. There will even be loyal Nazi robots running around inflicting mayhem on anyone they see fit.

Modern concepts such as freedom of speech, the Constitution and equality for all men; it doesn’t exist in this world. Instead, you get lots of angry Nazi maniacs, tyrannical racists, oppressive technology that is used to subject American people to a near slave like state and Nazi run locations that are spread out all over the nation.

This is the background to the game and this should be motivation enough for any player to want to defeat the Nazi empire. The goal of the game is rid U.S. of Nazi tyranny and bring America back to her former glory.

Special in-Game Features and Effects

Players are going to be treated to some amazing in-game features and effects in Wolfenstein II. It was already mentioned that new types of technology are going to be used to subject the American people to a near slave like state. This technology is also going to be used to help make the game interesting. People will be able to experience robotic pets, mechanical prosthetics and other advance superior fighting weapons.

There will also be lots of resistance fighters, cloak and dagger figures and special non-playable characters that will help to enhance gameplay. Giant airships are also a part of this world and it will loaded with other people and characters as well. The developers of this title (MachineGames) has not revealed everything that will appear within this game. From what they have released, Wolfenstein is poised to have a very interesting world that is even has people using drugs. We’ll have to wait to see how true this turns out to be.

Duel Wielding System

Wolfenstein II is going to allow players to fight with two different types of weapons at the same time. They can carry a gun in one hand and a knife in the other. This dual system provides a great way for characters to take out their enemies while conserving ammo or doing maximal damage to their foes. A duel wielding system just makes the game more flexible and provides players with more options in terms of their combat style. This is a great way for players to get the most of their combat experience within Wolfenstein.

Epic Battles and Big Event Fights with Bosses

One of Wolfenstein’s strongest selling points will be its ability to provide epic battles. Apparently, the game is constructed in such a way where players will literally be fighting through blocks and cities against the enemy. They will also fight inside of complexes and even in the air.

Players will also have supporting resistance fighters helping them out in the fray. This game is also going to make it a real challenge for players to take down bosses. They are going to have to fight like hell to get rid of these fanatical Nazi leaders. Players better get ready because Wolfenstein is set to deliver in terms of battles and battle action.

This Game has the Right Elements to be Hit

One of the best things about Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is he story line. The hero BJ “Terror Billy” Blazkowicz is leading the fight to rid America (and the world of Nazis) for his children who are about to born. Blazkowicz wants his children to grow up in a world where Nazi rule doesn’t exist at all.

The fight for American freedom is more than just a struggle to get rid of Nazi’s; it’s about America’s way of life. The whole game is designed to this end. The cut scenes are extremely original and engrossing that they could even take the place of playing the game. This is an old idea with a fresh new perspective.

Keep in mind that the supporting freedom fighters and characters in this title are bringing their own unique type of patriotism to the table. That is the overarching theme in this game. Everybody wants the Nazis gone and some are taking this desire to the next level.

The storyline, gameplay, graphics, characters and scenery is what will make this game a huge success. The acting is solid, the characters are believable and the world under Nazi domination really draws people into the plot. Why? Because no one wants to be dominated by Nazi rulers whose tyranny was so great – that it’s still felt in modern times. This is the essence of Wolfenstein II and it is going to be a major factor in making this game a huge success.

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