Eight Undeniably Horrible Video Games of the Past 20 Years

Greys Anatomy - Horrible Video Games

Though our society prides itself on technological advancements since the early 90’s when the Internet finally became an everyday thing, we’ve still seen plenty of mishaps where it could have probably been utilized a little bit better (ahem, twitter). Tweeting notwithstanding, we’re talking about video games, which is why we’re giving you the eight most horrible videos games released over the past 20 years. If you ever played these, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

8. South Park – 1998

Yes, believe it or not, these tiny teens actually had a game produced back in 1998. We can’t say we’re too surprised, given the fact that was around the time the show seemed to gain major popularity, along with the shows creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone doing other projects like movies BasketBall.

But if you ever played this game, you knew it was a dumb idea from the start.

7. Duke Nukem Forever – 2011

Who didn’t love playing the original Duke Nukem on their computer growing up? Problem is, after a long anticipated re-release from the original game, we got this pile of dog doo doo that defined “miserable gameplay experience.”

6. WCW Backstage Assault – 2000

This game took its title a bit too seriously if you ask us. Considering every single match was actually backstage, and the props like chairs and ropes were used to beat your opponent. There’s just one problem; players never actually wrestled in a ring, which is where about 95% of matches actually take place. Bad move EA.

5. Space Jam – 1996

While the opinion on the movie itself varies depending on who you talk with, the video game in which developers felt it necessary to duplicate the exact plot from the film is an absolute dud. These were past the NBA Jam days, but we’re guessing you were inclined to dust off the old cartridge and try and play it over this game.

4. NFL Head Coach – 2006

Great idea EA Sports, but really bad execution. While it took the “Franchise” mode from Madden and tried to duplicate by offering kids a chance to feel the pressures of being an NFL head coach each day, it never really caught on with true football gamers who preferred to actually playing digital football games, and not just making all the key decisions.

3. Grey’s Anatomy – 2009

Yep, believe it or not, this actually happened. For some reason, some crazy bastards thought taking the hit TV show and making it a video game would be a good idea. There was no motivation for anyone to ever actually want to waste time playing this game, which is how we determine ultimate suckiness.

2. Charlie’s Angels – 2003

If you’ve seen any of the flicks, you know they’re largely based off sexy actresses walking around trying to unsolved some sort of mystery. This game has the same concept, except it didn’t exactly have the live version of the hot girls. It’s a beat ’em up style game that was just way too boring to play.

1. Elf Bowling 1 & 2 – 1998

Regardless of how much a video game might cost, you’d expect to have more than five minutes of gameplay which is what this terrible game actually gave us. If this was purely a PC game to waste time like Snood was, then we’d be semi-alright with it. But when it actually turned into a game made for an actual system, we about lost our minds and it wasn’t just because the elves wise cracked our bowling skills.


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