How To Be a Better Gamer Using These Tips

Serious gamers are always looking to enhance the quality of their gameplay. It’s an innate need. The best gamers out there are never content to sit idly by, stuck on a level (plateaued out), without knowing how to enhance their gameplay, improve their performance, and advance to higher levels. Fortunately, there are dozens of feasible ways to up your game. Believe it or not, the top 5 ways to improve your gaming skills are pretty easy to implement. Let’s kick things off with the ultimate guide to improving your gaming skills in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Tip #1 – Ask the Experts for Help

The go it alone approach to mastering your gaming skills is often laden with obstacles. There are many expert tips, tricks, and strategies that you can learn throughout your gaming pursuits. To fast-track your progress, consult with fellow players, read tutorials, watch videos, and scour the Internet for tips. It’s amazing how much information you can gather when you put your mind to it. A simple online search on Yahoo, Google, Bing, Safari and other browsers will reveal ‘life-saving tips’ for your online gaming sessions. Remember, other players have been there before, and they have bumped their heads against the wall in search of the best ways to play strategy-based games.

Tip #2 – Maximize Your Hardware

In the gaming world, it’s okay to blame your tools if you’re not performing optimally in the game. For example, the screen resolution, screen brightness, RAM, graphics accelerator cards, mouse, controllers and other components are essential to enhancing your gaming sessions. There’s no doubt that hardware plays a critical component in allowing you to perform death-defying stunts on screen, navigating through game levels, and accessing multiple components of the games simultaneously. The last thing you need is a hanging screen, hardware that fails, or other technical annoyances while you’re trying to make your way through a strategy-based game.

Tip #3 – A Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind

Trying to achieve Zen is what it’s all about. Your mind must be as sharp as possible. In your pursuit of mental acuity, you need a healthy body as well. They are intertwined. Hand-eye coordination is essential. To achieve the perfect balance, use every day exercises like squeezing a stress ball, bouncing a tennis ball against the wall, or simply clenching your fist and then extending your fingers repeatedly. These exercises will help you to alleviate stress, and to keep your trigger finger ready to fire away at enemy combatants, or pop bubbles on screen with exploding bomb features, fireballs and the like. These exercises come in many forms, including finger abduction, wrist stretching, thumb opposition and the like.

Tip #4 – Avoid Substances

If you’re a smoker, a drinker, or a caffeine addict, you know that you probably feel that you cannot make it through your day without your fix. However, the sharpest minds in the gaming world are substance free. Stay away from anything that is going to make you jittery, hazy, high/low, or otherwise preoccupied with the tasks at hand. Believe it or not, one of the worst substances to load up on is sugar.

The whole point of multiplayer functionality in many of the social games we all enjoy is interaction, engagement, and fun. If you are too high, too low, or otherwise under the influence, you will not be able to absorb everything that’s going on around you. Coffee acts like adrenaline – it spikes your focus for a brief period of time, but then dissipates quickly. It also makes you extremely agitated – not a good combination for serious puzzle-style games. For maximum precision, control, and mental sharpness – stay away from substances.

Tip #5 – Stay in Control of your Emotions

Some games will really tax your mind. Puzzle-style games like Toy Blast require maximum mental sharpness for you to advance through hundreds of wildly entertaining levels. You cannot afford to lose control. While you’re moving pieces of a puzzle around to solve challenging levels, you need to stay calm. Plus, when it comes time to clear the screen by blasting the cubes away, it’s important to maximize every game action for maximum benefit. Psychologists speak of the CBT method – why does losing feel bad and why should you begin control of your psychological framework?  If you’re stressed out and depressed, take a breather. Many puzzle-style games will be extremely challenging, and you need to be calm to succeed.

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