At Long Last I’ve Done It

There it is folks, I’ve officially crossed over. Last week I had a debate of the day set up where I asked if I should get a PS3. The response was overwhelmingly that I should, and this weekend I finally bit the bullet. The recent price drop to $250 was a big reason why, and also it helps that every game I want to play is probably about $20 or $30 now at the most.

So far I’ve picked up Uncharted 2 (I’ve played the first one already) and Demon’s Souls, a game that I will allegedly hate as it’s one of the hardest ever made and I have zero patience for that sort of thing. But it will be interesting to see how far I get and I can write about my experiences. After I get through (or attempt to get through) those, I’ll want to get to Infamous and Infamous 2, God of War 3 and probably Little Big Planet. Any other PS3 exclusives I must check out?

I haven’t played anything yet, despite having the system set up, because I was frustrated to learn when I opened it that the PS3 does not come with any sort of HD cable. For a system that purports itself to have the sharpest graphics, they seriously make you pay extra to play it on its max settings? I’m not going to boot up Uncharted until my $1.79 from Amazon HDMI cable shows up in the mail, as I want my first experience to be a good one. Xbox came with at least some sort of HD capability (though not HDMI), although I will say not having to buy a separate adapter for internet, nor pay a monthly fee for it, more than makes up for that shortcoming.

So yeah, I’m happy with my purchase, and this reminds of when I bought an original Xbox after being a PS2 loyalist for years. I had a great time playing Halo’s 1 and 2 and Fable, but most other titles crossed over. The same is true here, and really I only got this system for a few games, but doing what I do for a living, it’s probably a good idea to be well rounded. And now I guess I am a fanboy no more. Feels good.


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