Vader’s Fastball Too Much for Threepio

If someone here reads Japanese, it would be immensely helpful so I can figure out exactly what the hell this even is. I’m going to assumed it’s the Dark Side vs. the Light Side of the force in baseball, in which case it would be the first baseball game in history I would actually be excited to watch.

I searched for “Japanese Star Wars baseball on YouTube in an effort to find this game, but the only thing that turned up was this video which showcases a pitcher named “Yoda.” He is not short and green.

So if anyone has more photos of video from this, it would be much appreciated.

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  1. My wife says:
    Japanese baseball league is separated into 2 groups.
    One is Central league and the other one is Pacific league.
    They will compete annually and every year, a celebrity
    will be chosen to through a very first ball. Well, this
    picture was from 2005 and they were promoting StarWars
    episode 3 in Japan…so, who else they were going to pick
    other than Darth Vader???

    Anyway, I’ve found a site where you can see some other
    pictures of this cool event. 🙂

    I think know it has totally paid off to be married to a
    Japanese girl, right honey?

  2. that text at the top right says “central league vs pacific league: showdown in an official game”

    central league and pacific league are the two leagues that make up the top level of pro baseball in japan (equivalent to americab league and national league of mlb). i’m guessing this is either from the all-star game or from one of the inter-league games during the regular season. i’m fairly certain it’s not from their version of the world series as that is serious business for them
    and don’t give way to costumed pre-game shenanigans.

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