Using Log Management Tools to Monitor Your Web App

Log management tools are critical assets that collect and consolidate your web application activities. Your DevOps team plays a critical role in customizing the tools for system-wide integration as well as determining what information to extract. Because of the large volume of data logs saved, time is a hindrance, which is why log management tools are the best option to monitor your web app for website availability, inconsistent user behaviors and security. Here are the primary issues you need to consider when searching for a log management solution.

Centralized Log Accessibility

Time is a critical element when it comes to identifying system inconsistencies since hackers quickly disable monitoring software and destroy the data that identifies their presence. Because your information technology (IT) techs need fast access to the logs, a centralized log management tool is a must-have item as teams will identify immediate threats that need attention. It will not only prevent website downtime but will keep your web apps working at peak performance levels without the threat of disruption and revenue loss.


The log management you choose must promote enterprise awareness, which is why infrastructure visibility is a critical component. When choosing a log management solution, you need tools that will elevate your visibility. The ability to monitor enterprise servers, hardware, app and transaction improves security protocols with faster response time. Because your IT team is more aware of log management capabilities, it allows them to identify inconsistencies, prevent malicious intent and protect brand reputation.

Storage Space

Data collection and storage is a primary concern for all enterprises because of the number of logs collected daily. Indexing and archival of the logs must also be considered in your log management solution since it must meet company standards. With the collection of personally identifiable consumer information, your company must also ensure that your log management solution meets federal or international data collection laws. There must also be some consideration as to the best way to store logs in that server space needs to be considered if you intend to house them on-site. A secondary option is cloud logging, which reduces the strain on your enterprise infrastructure and team. You also have the ability to scale up or down based on your web application transactions.

Cyber Compliance

With the rise in cyber threats, the gaming industry and government regulations are becoming more stringent, which is why compliance is critical to infrastructure and consumer safety. Having a competent log management system in place to monitor activities and record log data are the most responsible acts an enterprise takes to preserve infrastructure integrity. Most especially with gaming websites that are likely to sell products and services, your log management solution must protect sensitive information as a breach will damage your industry reputation and face serious fines for noncompliance. For global corporations, compliance will be much more complex, so your logging system solution will need to be adjustable to meet compliance laws.

Query Capabilities

As you monitor your web app activities, it is important to have a query system in place to investigate suspicious activities. Ideally, your logging solution must have query optimization tools that include multiple query choices as well as classification schedules. The ability to integrate the log management query tools into your legacy system will also allow your IT team to index the data and make the assessment of your log management and storage system easier to oversee in the long-term.

Monitoring your web app availability will ensure your website is available and working properly for its users. Monitoring tools allow for the specification of text to ensure pages are loading and responding appropriately. Monitoring application errors are also extremely important it is a critical factor when assessing error logs for issues as your IT team will know where they need to investigate further to optimize website application performance and end-user utilization.  Monitoring key transactions are also of vital importance that will greatly affect end users.

Transaction volume, suspicious web activity and web app requests are critical requirements during day-to-day operations. Your log management tools oversee your IT departments abilities to identify performance issues and gain insight into how to optimize the application accessibility. More importantly, log management tools affordably monitor web applications and prevent loss.
Your log management tools also monitor key application metrics, which determine performance levels. Insights like requests per second, central processing unit, data app usage, logs and or error reports allow you to find correlations between issues that deter your overall web app monitoring strategy.

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