Unreality’s E3 Liveblog – Sony’s Keynote


Alright, fatigue is setting in at this point, singlehandedly liveblogging three different press conferences in the past day, but whatever, I’m a trooper, I’ll get through it.

Upon further reflection, I think that Nintendo is actually the winner so far, with their mammoth surprise stable of classic game sequels trumping expected sequels from Microsoft, and the 3DS does sound rather awesome, even if Kinect is going to let me control movies with Justin Bieber songs with my brainwaves.

What the hell is Sony going to bring? Honestly, I have no idea. Hopefully their Move tech will be a bit cooler than it was last year, and it really needs to blow the Wii out of the water, along with proving that actual gamers are going to like it, which is a pretty tough sell. It’s not as innovative as Kinect, and it might be too late to the game to compete with the Wii. I guess we’ll see.

Liveblog starts below.

Keep refreshing for updates.

2:59 – Guhhh, streaming problems across allll sites. Missed the intro video completely.  GameTrailers is shitty.

3:03 – God f*cking damn it. I can’t get any streaming sites to work. I had to run to my TV and figure out what the f*ck channel G4 was.

3:04 – So they’re making 3D games to go with their 3D TVs that are way too expensive. Not a huge shock.

3:05 – Killzone 3 has complete 3D integration. I’m very curious to see what that’s like. Naturally, it can only be experienced in person, which makes speculating pretty useless.

3:06 – They have a 3D demo for the audience who is all wearing glasses. This just makes things blurry for us in TV land.

3:08 – People who are there are reporting it’s pretty cool.  Damnit Engadget, where are your pictures I can steal?

3:10 – Oh, this is why there aren’t any pictures:


3:11 – That was pretty goddamn ridiculous I have to say. The audience is impressed.

3:13 – Sony guy makes important distinction that games are developed for 3D rather than converted. That is extremely necessary as proven by Alice in Wonderland. Oh good, Gran Turismo 5 will be in 3D. When it comes out in 5 years.

3:14 – More glasses time! I really, really don’t want to buy a 3D TV guys. I just don’t.

3:16 – A bunch of 3D games, that I’m sure would look cooler if I could see them in 3D. To be fair, I do believe 3D is more relevant to the future of gaming than motion controls are.

3:18 – I cannot believe the PS2 is still going this strong after all these years, it’s pretty insane. Have you tried to play PS2 lately? It’s dated, but not dated enough to be retro, like N64, and it just looks bad.

3:20 – Now it’s time for some Move tech. Blow me away guys.

3:22 – This just seems not as cool as Kinect, though I suppose having buttons is useful for a lot of things. Oh, as I was writing that they just took a jab at Microsoft for not having buttons. I could write these keynotes.


3:26 – Move exclusive titles. First one is about sorcery. It’s called Sorcery. In related news, I can’t spell “Sorcery” right on the first or second try.

3:28 – Way freaking better than Wii Motion Plus controls, I’ll definitely give it that. This game really should have gotten a Harry Potter license though.

3:29 – Shit, even drinking potions looks cool.  This is better than Kinect for the sole reason that it’s not on-the-rails.

3:31 – That was far cooler than it should have been. I would classify that as an actual video game.


3:32 – Now we’re gonna see how Move works for sports. Won’t use this as I’m actually worse at sports games than I am at sports, but I know many people will. First up, golf.

3:34 – Great, now I have to learn how to swing an actual golf club to play a video game too. I can’t tell if the applause I’m hearing is from the game or the audience.

3:39 – Holy crap, Jack, Daxter, Rachet, Clank and Sly are coming together in one game! It’s like Mario Party for PS3 with people from games I’ve never played.

3:40 – Coca Cola is sponsoring Playstation Move in-game. This is not something to announce during your E3 keynote.

3:41 – Heyyy, the guy from the Playstation commercials are here.


3:43 – Nice little stand up comedy routine about gaming. Funny, but where is he going with this?

3:45 – Nowhere really, it was just a funny speech about getting over fanboyism. While taking jabs at other consoles.

3:49 – Promo video showing the uses of Playstation move in other games. I swear if I see one more motion control bowling game…  It’s only showing the games, don’t you have to show people playing them at the same time?

3:51 – Cool, but seriously, don’t people get that with all this motion stuff, everyone is going to be too exhausted to play games for longer than twenty minutes?


3:53 – They’re showing a preview of their new PSP ad campaign. Again, not something you should do at a keynote.

3:54 – So their new mascot is a sassy black kid? Uh, sure OK.

3:56 – Ghost of Sparta trailer. Kratos gets an origin story! Annnd it’s way too short and over by the time I finished writing this.

3:59 – Really boring PSP games video. Man, has it been a hour already? What have we really seen?

4:02 – Talking about PS Home. This is an honest question for someone who actually owns a PS3. Do people really use Home a lot? Is it actually fun?

4:05 – Play, Create and Share with Little Big Planet 2 and ModNation Racing. Never played either, but they do look cool.

4:07 – You can make all sorts of Mario Party-ish minigames. I would never have the patience to create this stuff.


4:10 – New online service called Playstation Plus. It’s pretty unclear as to what you actually get though. Early betas access? PS store discounts? It just seems like a way to make people pay for the internet, because all this stuff just seems like it should be free. They’re just trying to leech off the Microsoft model here and pretend like they’re not.

4:14 – EA introducing new Medal of Honor, which has PS exclusive content, though I assume that means the game itself is not a PS exclusive.

4:19 – Looks very Modern Warfare-ish as expected, seems comparable I guess. The only PS3 exclusive part of it is a limited edition cut of the game that includes the old game.

4:21 –  Dead Space 2 preview. Shouldn’t this stuff be at the EA show, not here? Man, PS3 really doesn’t have exclusives anymore. Little Big Planet, Killzone and God of War are really the last bastions.


4:25 – Gabe is out here. This is strange.

4:26 – Portal 2 is coming to the Playstation 3. That doesn’t seem like revolutionary news.

4:27 – At least we get to see a preview.  Looks like its at the old Apeture lab, now overgrown. Not much to see. Was this really Valve’s big surprise for the show?


4:30 – Oh good, Assassin’s Creed is getting multiplayer. Ughh. It’s like the ultimate single player game. Just leave it alone.

4:32 – Final amalgam trailer showing all the other games they haven’t shown in detail. Err, wait, it’s actually got a lot of those too. In fact, this is kind of like a recap of the entire keynote.

4:38 – This is running long. Super good graphics trailer for Gran Turismo 5.  This better end with a release date or its meaningless.

4:40 – More trailers? Infamous 2 preview? Yeah. I always did want to play that. These graphics look pretty bad for PS3.

4:42 – One more. Talking about car combat. Pleaaaase be a Twisted Metal trailer.

4:45  – Yesssss, awesome. AHHH Sweet Tooth is here in real life! Craziness!

4:46 – Wow, PS exclusive and everything. Pretty awesome. Man, I freaking loved Twisted Metal Black. Wait, why are they in helicopters?

4:47 – God, long press conference, 20 mins over? Twisted Metal looks cool. Not the best graphics and destruction physics, but it looks pretty fun.


4:50 – Honestly this is probably the biggest surprise of the show, though that’s not saying a whole lot.

Final Thoughts: Killzone 3 was cool, but I can’t justify buying a $2K 3D TV to take advantage of all this 3D crap. Especially when I hate 3D in movies 80% of the time.  I was pretty impressed with Move for Sorcery, but I want to see what else it can do, and it’s def not enough by itself to make me get a PS3.

Twisted Metal was a big surprise, and it looked cool, but almost a little dated. I feel like it’s been in secret development forever. I dunno, it wasn’t bad, but E3 overall this year just wasn’t that impressive. The big announcements of all the motion tech from all three were last year, and now it was just slightly updated versions of all that.

I think Nintendo really does come out on top with its MASSIVE selection of new classic franchise titles, something fans have been waiting YEARS for as Nintendo underperforms year after year at E3.

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  1. PS Home is horrible. I tried it for 20 minutes got tired of load times and promised myself i would never touch it again.Then i sent Sony an email to see if they could give me back the time they wasted.

  2. Honestly, playstation home is kind of lame. It takes a long time to set up and there isnt anything to do in it. If they upgrade it and add some more stuff in it, than maybe I will use it…probably not though

  3. LBP 2 is gonna be badass, but I agree, I dont have the patience to create some of the things I’ve seen online. I’ve seen Matrix levels, Mirror’s Edge Recreations, Mario Bros levels, all of the awesome, but too damn time consuming for my narrow attention span.

    However ModNation Racers has an auto-populate & auto-complete function which (to me) is going to make it the best non-realistic racing game since Mario Kart.

  4. This was the most boring presentation of the big three. I turned it off during all the ad for all the new PSP games. Seriously, my local video game stores barely even sells PSP games anymore. It’s like one little shelf next to a ton of DS games.

  5. So… 3D games on horrifically expensive 3D TV’s that will require goofy glasses that hurt your eyes? I’ll take a 3DS, thanks.

    Shitty ad campaigns to sell your shitty handheld? Zzzzzzz.

    A glorified Wiimote that looks like a lollipop? At least Natal/Kinect attempts to do something original instead of outright copying Nintendo’s tech.

    A bunch of third party games that are also available on the 360? Why on earth would I need to buy a PS3 then? Congrats Sony, you win the Most Underwhelming Keynote Award.

  6. @ JK

    Sure did, which is really gonna kill the PS3 fanboy argument, but on the plus side, at least the online gameplay on PS3 wont suck anymore. My roommate has a PS3 and trying to get a decent match on UFC 2010 is ridiculous.

  7. @ JK

    Sony excels at hypocrisy. When Nintendo announced the Wii, they made fun of them for selling a system with a “lollipop” for a controller. What are they doing three years later? A lollipop controller for the PS3.

  8. $99.99 for 1 person to fully utilize Move to its full potential. If Kinect turns out to be $149.99 and that’s it for you and your household, then I don’t think MS has anything to worry about. I think both will be huge sellers this season. As far as Kinect, I really hope I can play Gears 3 with my controller and yell reload at the Kinect while I’m playing. 🙂

  9. Ps3 has no exclusives? Really? Just because you never played Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter or Sly Cooper doesn’t mean they’re not there. They are some of the best playformer/adventure games I’ve ever played. You also forgot to mention Uncharted and Gran Turismo in your little comment about Sony only having 3 exclusive titles. By the way what exclusives does 360 have outside of halo, gears of war, fable and mass effect? Not too many. I will admit there were some things I wasn’t too happy with, price of the move, I’m not too excited for 3D yet because its too damn expensive and I can’t believe they are still making the ps2. But their demos for the Move looked a million times better than the kinect ones. As for Home, yeah its not great but I did think it was cool that you could virtually visit the E3 booths.
    The portal announcement came as such a surprise because one of the head honchos at valve was quoted as saying he would never work with the PS3 because he hated it. But here he is, either he’s admitting he was wrong or he’s just a money whore. Its probably the latter.
    Well I’m done venting for now.

  10. I have all 3 consoles and a PC and I honestly only play my PS3. The last game I played on the 360 was GTA:BOGT when it first came out and the last time I played the Wii was when Madworld first came out. As for the PC, now and again I’d have an oul blast at Company of Heroes but other than that I generally only use it for surfing and that sort of thing.

    So to give you my honest opinion on Home…It’s complete and utter bollocks. In all honesty though, I signed in when it first came out, I walked around for a while, moved the furniture about in my penthouse apartment and then switched it off. It’s possible that it could be a lot better now but I’ve never had enough patience to sit and wait on the thing taking 20mins to load up.

    As for the E3 pres, I’m not too excited but in reality, I wasnt last year either. I remember thinking last year that I had nothing other than GOW3 to look forward to but since then I’ve been blown away by some of the juicy little pressies my PS3 has coughed up like Uncharted 2 and the superb First Play magazine with a free “Mini” game every week!! It’s awesome.

    I dont think i’ll avail of the Motion controller though as I hate the Wii’s but I do think that i’ll get into the 3D stuff. looks and sounds absolutely immense.

    Oh and mate, you’ve never played LBP? You really need to get yourself a PS3!!

  11. Fanboy or not Sony did a presentation about how they’re developing games to sell TV’s and how they basically designed a better version of the Wii.

    Biggest announcement? Twisted Metal is coming back. Yay?

  12. @ Davis7907

    Nah. We don’t play that fanboy shit over here. That’s for kids. I can’t think of anything more useless to argue about, in fact.

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