Unreal Morning Links: Review of Saw V, National Gaming Day, and Robots Fighting in a Meaningful Way


Click on the photo for a review of Saw V

Why good morning everyone!  I trust you all had a very pleasant weekend.  I went out and bought myself a porn movie so that was wonderful.  I also tried playing Double Dragon on Nesticle.  That wasn’t exactly fun for two reasons.  One.  I kept saying “nesticle” in my head which made it uncomfortable and Two.  Not having a controller really sucks. 

Morning Links

Start getting ready for National Gaming Day at your local library – [Kotaku]

Finally, Robots fight in a meaningful way – [Blog of Hilarity]

The Brass Knuckle Mug – [Uberguy]

The Top 10 Video Game Themes ever – [Screwattack]

The 9 least terrible TMNJ Rip Offs – [Topless Robot]

9 Simple Requests for Robot Overlords – [Cracked]

RT takes a look at some of the best horror movies – [Rotten Tomatoes]

The Top 25 Nintendo DS Games – [IGN]

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