Unreal Morning Links: Obama Addresses the Nation on South Park, Sonic Unleashed, and a Failed Drunk Test


Click on the photo to see Obama in Southpark

Hello all.  I trust everyone had a pleasant weekend.  I’m sure that Mr. Obama did in letting all of it sink in.  And while he was letting it all sink in, the boys over at South Park decided to include him in an episode.  In the meantime, I just pooped in the popcorn, film at 11. 

Morning Links

Sonic Unleashed videos for XBox360 – [IGN]

This one might look a deliberate set up – [Doubleviking]

11 Gaming Weapons we want on Guns in Gears of War 3 – [Gamepro]

Spielberg and Will Smith to team up for remake of Old Boy – [Hecklerspray]

Great Performances released after a star’s death – [Spout Blog]

Top 10 Hottest Movie Badasses – [Saltymilk]

John Landis returns to feature films – [CC Insider]

Roll your own rock in Guitar Hero World Tour – [Wired]

Monsters, Panthers, and Fanboys – [Cinematical]

Oh how we miss sexism – [Blog of Hilarity]

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