Two New Episodes of Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters


I just can’t get enough of the ridiculous scenarios that the team behind Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters keep cooking up, so here are the two latest episodes because I’ve been a little behind in watching them lately. Sure, nothing will ever be as cool as bouncing throwing knives perhaps, but there’s still some good ones here, as the team poses questions like, can care packages destroy harriers or can chickens survive a nuclear holocaust? Find out in the videos!

How do they come up with some of these anyway? There must be some sort of suggestion box I don’t know about. These episodes mark the first time I actually knew the answer to some of their questions, as I’ve seen guys sprawled out in Last Stand in the air before (since they don’t have Commando, it never goes well), and I always figured sparking claymores were the result of stun grenades, as someone ran past them to knife me in the face.

Oh right, the second video is after the jump. Two videos on top in a row looks awkward. Go here to watch ALL the videos so far.


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  1. The temporary disable of claymores with flash grenades is hardly a myth, its actually one of the tips the game gives you on the map loading screen

  2. with c4 if disabled and ya click to denonate right after it became disabled, i think it blows up once stun wheres of on its own from origional click. no need to repeatedly click. iv seen that happen before.

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