Twitter TV Show: Brand Extension FAIL


What? You never a million years ever thought about the Twitter having it’s own TV show? Well, you’re just thinking inside the box my friend, and that’s why you’re not a network executive.

With the philosophy of “If it’s popular on the internet, it’ll be popular everywhere else,” Twitter is getting it’s own TV show, where….what, exactly will happen?

The show would harness Twitter to put players on the trail of celebrities in an interactive, competitive format, the show’s producers announced Monday.

“Right now, Twitter is an incredible technological and cultural phenomenon,” said executive producer Amy Ephron, who created the TV show and took it to Twitter.

The producers call their proposed series the first to bring the immediacy of Twitter to the TV screen.

“It captures what’s best about Twitter, and it’s a compelling TV show in its own right,” said Noah Oppenheim, head of unscripted development for Reveille.

What the hell? What;s this show going to be? Ashton Kutcher and Shaq reading their tweets out loud on camera, while @replies pop up at the bottom of the screen?  As much as I’ve learned to tolerate Twitter in web form, I’m not going to be able to handle it on TV, I’m just not. Lord knows they’ll probably cancel The Office and replace it with this.

Paul doesn’t really hate Twitter that much. In fact, you can follow him here.

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