10 Things You Didn’t Know About Twitch Streamer Sykkuno

Sykkuno is a celebrity personality who gained fame and wealth as a social media celebrity on Twitch. He is also a prolific YouTuber who focuses mostly on playing video games. Sykkuno has a large following of fans on both sites. These subscribers want to know everything that there is to know about him. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about him to satisfy your need to learn more.

1. Sykkuno is under 30

For all fans wondering about his age, Sykkuno is 28 years old as of January of 2021. He is an American who was born on June 4, 1992. He was blessed with parents of Vietnamese and Chinese descent, according to YouTube Fandom. His real name is Thomas. He appeals to audiences of all ages and genders with his witty and fun gameplay. Sykkuno is someone that most of us can relate to, especially when he gets to a hard part in a game that is nearly impossible to master. His reactions are not that different than most other gamers.

2. He is highly educated

Sykkuno is a fun and exciting guy to watch when he’s streaming his gameplay online, but there is a serious side to him. He actually has an impressive resume. Sykkuno is an intelligent guy who also has a solid education behind his knowledge of popular video games. His bachelor’s degree is in mathematics. He continued with his college education after graduating and earned a Master’s degree in statistics. Sykkuno also spent some time working as a professional game developer.

3. He’s coming up on a decade of YouTubing

The year 2021 will mark ten years of Youtube gameplay and commentary on video games. Sykkuno began his career in August of 2011 on YouTube. He started out making League of Legends on an older channel on YouTube that he called Sykku. He switched over to the current YouTube channel that he now uses in January of 2012. Since then, he’s focused mostly on streaming gameplay, occasionally with friends, and making commentaries on the videos.

4. Sykkuno is popular with the ladies

When researching for intriguing facts about Sykkuno, we came across a few things that you might like to know about. When looking at the stats, Sykkuno outdoes most of his gamer friends in popularity with the female audience. He even set a record by becoming the first person that has ever received all loves on the former The Rajjchelor, now titled Love or Host. This is quite a feat because there weren’t any haters raining on his parade.

5. Sykkuno is a humble guy

When it comes to the fact that he has a big following of females, Sykkuno would rather downplay the stats. One of his famous quotes is “Girls just aren’t into me like that.” Further evidence of his humility includes other quotes like “I just got lucky” or “I’m a small streamer for fun.” The truth of the matter is that he’s a talented streamer who hit the big time. He has tons of followers, and yes, more of them are girls.

6. His subscriber numbers are rocketing high

Sykkuno has been in his YouTube career for nearly a decade. Instead of fizzling out as old news, he’s gaining momentum at a crazy rate. In the middle of September of 2020, his subscriber count was at 500,000. By the third week in October, he reached the 1 million mark. By the end of the first week in December of 2020, his subscriber count doubled to 2 million. This happened in less than 2 months in a phenomenal spurt of growth.

7. He’s a native Californian

According to K Profiles, Sykkuno hails from the city of San Gabriel, California. This is the place that he considers to be his hometown. He has relocated from the town he was raised in. He now lives in the larger city of Los Angeles, California. Sykkuno also shared that his favorite hobby is traveling.

8. Sykkuno covers several popular video games

If you’ve just caught one or two of Sykkuno’s streams or commentaries, there is a lot more for you to check out. He actually plays a variety of different video games. Some of them are Minecraft, Valorant, Among Us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and League of Legends. He’s a versatile guy who is fun to watch and listen to. If you play any of these games, we recommend checking out his other streams.

9. Fans want to know if Sykkuno is dating Corpse

Stylerant addresses the question that fans have about the relationship between Sykkuno and Corpse. It’s understandable why some viewers would think that these two are dating one another. They make a great gaming duo with their constant banter and flirting online. There is even a dedicated YouTube collection of videos to prove that the two are in a romantic relationship and are dating each other. It was created by Sykkuno and Corpse. Although it’s possible, it’s not likely that the two are actually dating each other. They’ve never come out and said that they are dating. They just put the information out there to let fans decide. It’s like one of their greatest mysteries.

10. Both Sykkuno and Corpse keep their personal lives private

The evidence that exists about Sykkuno and Corpse both suggest that they are straight. It’s not likely that they are dating. Both have had relationships with girls in the past. They both prefer to keep the details of their personal lives a secret. Although there are a lot of people who would love to delve into all aspects of their personal lives, these gamers have done a good job of keeping the intimate details of their sexual preferences and who, if anyone they are dating, strictly confidential. With these two, it’s hard telling if they’re hinting at a romance or if they’re just flirting to mess with nosy viewers.

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