10 Things You Didn’t Know about Twitch Streamer Alinity

Twitch Streamer Alinity

Alinity is the user name of Natalia Mogollon. Said individual is both a YouTuber and a Twitch streamer. Apparently, Alinity is a rather contentious figure, having been involved in a number of controversies. As such, she is much talked-about. Something that has served to keep Alinity in the spotlight.

1. She Is Colombian

Alinity is Colombian, meaning that she came from the country of Colombia. Said country is notable for a number of things. To name an example, Colombia is one of the few transcontinental countries that can be found in the world because it extends a bit into North America even though most of it is situated in South America. Similarly, it boasts an extremely diverse landscape, so much so that it encompasses everything from deserts and rainforests to grasslands and highlands.

2. She Lives in the City of Saskatoon

It has been said that Alinity lives in the city of Saskatoon. Said city isn’t the most famous city that can be found out there. However, it is somewhat notable in that it is home to more than 266,000 people, which are enough to make it the largest of the cities that can be found in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Supposedly, Saskatoon is named for saskatoon berries, which are a kind of edible fruit that has long seen use by the indigenous peoples of the region.

3. She Has a Nursing Degree

Apparently, Alinity has a nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan, which is situated in the city of Saskatoon rather than the provincial capital of Regina. The school started out as an agricultural college in the early 20th century. As a result, the University of Saskatchewan has long been involved in research, which is something that remains true in the present time. However, it is important that it is very much a normal university, meaning that it offers a wide range of programs for a wide range of subjects.

4. Has Worked As Both a Nurse and a Secretary

Chances are good that interested individuals can guess that Alinity has worked as a nurse. After all, their eventual career is one of the biggest factors in how most people choose their subject of study, so it makes sense that someone who studied for a nursing degree winded up working as a nurse for at least a time. Besides that, Alinity has also worked as a secretary for a time.

5. Known For Streaming World of Warcraft

It is very common for streamers to specialize in streaming certain games. In Alinity’s case, she has a reputation for streaming World of Warcraft, which is one of the most famous MMORPGs out there. For a very long time, it was the MMORPG to beat, as shown by how there are entire lists of failed WOW killers. However, World of Warcraft’s position has become shakier and shakier because of serious internal mismanagement on top of a whole host of reputational issues. As such, the near future promises to be a very interesting time for the MMORPG world.

6. Known For Streaming Apex Legends

Besides World of Warcraft, Alinity is also known for streaming Apex Legends. This is a game that came out in much more recent times, though to be fair, most of the games that see frequent play in the present came out in much more recent times than World of Warcraft because the latter was released way back in 2004. Apex Legends is a battle royale hero shooter from Respawn Entertainment, which is also known for making the Titanfall games. This is no coincidence because all of these games share the same setting in spite of their considerable differences in gameplay.

7. Got Into an Online Fight with PewDiePie

Alinity is known to have gotten into an online fight with PewDiePie in May of 2018. The whole thing started up when the latter called her and other female streamers by a very uncomplimentary term, which irritated her into asking someone offscreen on her own stream whether they could copy-strike PewDiePie’s video. Alinity said that she was joking, but whatever the truth of that, someone did copy-strike PewDiePie’s video. Something that led to heated comments being exchanged by the two streamers, though nothing more than that. Unfortunately, the rest of the Internet was less restrained. Alinity started getting doxxed, which prompted her to call local police to warn them about the potential of someone trying to swat her. The latter refers to a kind of harassment in which the harasser tries to fool emergency officers into sending a group of armed officers to the targeted address. Something that can be very dangerous for anyone at the home at the time.

8. Has Been Accused of Marriage Fraud

People have accused Alinity of other things as well. For instance, she has been accused of marriage fraud, which is whenever people enter into a marriage for the purpose of gaining some kind of advantage rather than cementing a real relationship. The whole thing is based on Alinity’s statement that she fell in love with someone over World of Warcraft before moving to Canada to get married to him. However, she has also said that their divorce was an amicable one, which was initiated by her ex-husband rather than her.

9. Has Been Accused of Animal Abuse

Moving on, Alinity has been accused of animal abuse as well, which is based on her on-screen actions with her cats. For example, there was the time when she was accused of deliberately throwing her cat over her shoulder, which she said was an accidental fall when she tried to put her cat on top of her chair. Similarly, there was the time when she was accused of feeding vodka to her cat, which is problematic because alcohol can be quite dangerous to both cats and dogs. Something that she deflected by saying that she was drunk at the time.

10. Has Been Held Up As an Example of Twitch Favoritism

Alinity has also been help up as an example of Twitch’s favoritism towards female streamers. This happened because of an accidental nip-slip that happened while she was trying to fit a pillow under her shirt for some reason. Apparently a lot of people were annoyed enough to ask her to be banned from the platform for a time. However, nothing happened until she herself asked Twitch for a short time-out of just a few days.

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