Tom Green Destroys Xzibit in Freestyle Rap Battle


I’ve never been Xzibit’s biggest fan since his Pimp My Ride days, and the internet meme he became since then, but I’m glad to see him again in this context, getting owned by America’s Canada’s goofiest white guy in a freestyle rap battle.

To be fair, I think even if I was a professional rapper, I would be a bit stunned by Tom Green busting out a sick flow out of nowhere. I highly doubt he’s that good, and probably prepared and practiced for a while beforehand, but even so, the man does have skills.

What the hell is Tom Green doing these days anyway? I haven’t seen or heard from him in like five years. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just curious as to where he disappeared to.

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  1. I’m not sure what Tom Green is doing now, but he actually started off as a rapper…he rapped (albeirt sort of jokingly) as MC Face, and he was in a group called Organized Rhyme (or something to that effect)…he’s definitely legit…there’s a video of him rapping with Too Short, too, and Too Short gives him props.

  2. Wouldn’t say he “destroyed” Xzibit, but it was pretty impressive!

    Big difference is that Tom was probably rapping something he’d rehearsed and memorized with his own beat, and X was probably doing freestyle which is DAMN hard.

  3. Madison is right. He did start off as one of the front men in Organized Rhyme.

    Though, their only song of note is “Check The O.R.”

    You like it so far?

  4. Organized Rhyme….Check the OR, The Armadillo Song

    They actually won the equivalent of a Canadian Grammy back in the early 90’s. He and the other 2 members of the group formed as a joke and ended up winning.

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