TMNT vs. Power Rangers? How Did I Miss This?


So despite my love both the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Power Rangers growing up (the original ones, not when they started turning into ambulances and shit), I’ve no idea how I missed the very important fact that they had a crossever episode. Say whaaaat?

Embedded above is part one of the TMNT vs. Power Rangers episode I never knew existed, but apparently four million other people on YouTube have discovered before me. I’m only a little ways in, but I’m overcome with waves of nostalgia already. Cowabunga dudes!

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  1. You know what was neat as far as Turtles and crossovers are concerned is the recent-ish made for TV animated feature “Turtles Forever,” which features both the characters from classic 1980s cartoon and the 2003 animated series versions (which I admit I wasn’t all that familiar with.) In the end, they meet up with/get their asses kicked by the original Mirage comic book Turtles in a gritty, black and white universe. It’s got this whole DC Comics multiverse thing going on. Fun little movie.

  2. I remember this episode when they used to have TMNT and Power Rangers back to back when Fox used to have kid shows on in the afternoon instead of court shows. Sigh…Those were the days. Power Rangers in Space was alright, but I stopped watching after Lost Galaxy cause it just started to get really, really stupid and I wasn’t a kid anymore. I still can’t believe Tommy came back to the show like a year ago. I feel bad that he can’t any other role except Power Rangers.

  3. wow I had no idea Tommy was back! lol nor did I have any idea they were still making versions of power rangers?

    anyways by the time I come to watch videos on here they have all been removed. remember the days when you could watch ANYTHING on Youtube from any website? I miss those.

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