Tips on Being a Better Crackdown Player

Got your Xbox 360 or even Xbox One hooked up to the TV with your HDMI splitter for gaming, got the disc in the console, and want to really wreck all opponents? Well, here are some tips that will help you succeed in Crackdown. You’ll obviously still need some skills and will have to spend some time playing the game and mastering different tricks but this guide should help you streamline your progress substantially. By the way, these tips do apply to the new, enhanced version of Crackdown available for the Xbox One, so you can follow them regardless of which console you’re using.

First off, know where you’re headed as each of the three districts has its own difficulty level and jumping straight to the Shai-Gen island can get you in a pinch. Start with Los Muertos and only proceed to the Volk and Shai-Gen after you’ve dealt with crime in the first district. Second, getting progress boils down to killing the crime kingpins and their lackeys and collecting orbs, which the game counts as optional pickups but you definitely want plenty of those to make the late missions easier. By getting as many orbs as possible, you increase your agility and can thus run faster and jump higher, so traversing the city becomes a breeze.

While the game lets you attack the crime syndicate bosses right away, doing so is ill-advised and will most likely result in them wiping the floor with your character. Instead, go for lesser targets and try to gain experience beating the croneys of each boss, especially since eliminating them weakens the overall gang, either leaving them with fewer weapons or even fewer people. Plus, by eliminating them you get more points to put into various abilities, most of which are essential for late game. Beating the Shai-Gen without Strength or Explosives upgrades is a challenge even for a skilled player.

One way to advance if you’re stuck on a particularly tough general is to get your friend to drop in and play the game in co-op. Since the second player can get into the game at any time, you can pass any difficult spot and quickly move on to a different area. Also, try not to ignore races, which are available as an optional challenge for both players. If you can improve your skills to beat your friends consistently, you’ll not only be the best among them, you’ll find the game itself much easier.

Also, don’t ignore Supply Points as reclaiming them for the Agency weakens gangs, gives you infinite ammo restocks, a chance to swap out your weapon for a different one, and, most importantly, quick warping around the city to other Supply Points. This is a much faster option than driving, especially if you neglected your Driving skill and can’t handle a car all that well.

One last thing is the target lock feature which many seem to ignore despite the fact that it simplifies life greatly. Push the left trigger to lock on a target and move the right one in the direction of other threats to switch between them. That way your accuracy improves and you have a higher chance of coming out of the fight unscathed.

Other than that, there’s not much else to the game, just try to reclaim as many Supply Points as possible, do practice races, try not to attack civilians as that slows XP receival, and, most importantly, don’t rush. Dying slows down your progress as well so don’t just go barging into gang territory. Take your time, crouch before shooting, take generals on in a steady line, basically, don’t go in too fast.

After you’ve got the hang of Crackdown, don’t forget to play through the sequel and get ready to beat the upcoming Crackdown 3, which should offer even more versatility and cool powers.

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